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HHS Class of 1943

5-3-2005 - Photo submitted by Roy "Bud" Davis HHS 1942.

Front row

Beverly Jean Putney, Barton W. Robinson- Superintendent, Shirley Haight

Second row - left to right:
Virgil Robert Smith, Patricia Young, Elaine DuBois, B. Janet Kubik, Marjorie Robinson, Joan Lee Hastings

Third row - left to right:
Robert Earl Dodd, Florence Van Hees, Donna Vanderlyn, James Toller - President, Robert D. Colman - Vice President, Mildred Mae Clover - Secretary, Harlan D. Fredericks - Treasurer, Shirley Mae Rowe, Eldon D. Stowell, Frances E. Garner

Fourth row - left to right
Evelyn Jean Rhinehart, Arlene Levenger, Richard F. Walling, Marilyn Oppenheim, Donna Jean Bailey, David Cleary, Catherine Ann Hosbein, Marion Louise Kling, Helen Sanford, Ruth Ann Seaburg, Lucine Winch

Fifth Row - left to right
June Gross, Alice Marie Doolittle, John Robertson, Wayne Sherwood Larsen, Joan Elizabeth Elder, Marjorie Meachum, Keith H. Lightner, Donald F. Rose, Marilyn Hammond, Norbert George Groth, Annabelle Falkner.

40 Students.

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