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HHS Class of 1980

1-2005 - Photo submitted by Carol Root Woodward HHS 1955.

 98 students

Front row - left to right:
Laura Wilkens, Gregory Spann, Lizabeth Wilcoxson, Ricky Stillwell, Mark Toney, Kenneth Woodward, Mickey Williams, Carl Whittaker, Jonathan Walker, Bobby Wade, Jeffery Squires, Ted Sonnenberg, Paul Varnau, Leonard Peirce, Julie Thornhill.

Second row - left to right:
Mark Robison, Susan VanLierop, Tim Sonnenberg, Ben Mendoza, Mary Tate, Bruce Main.

Third row - left to right:
Nancy Schilling, Jonathan Pobuda, Collene Peterson, Laura Smith, Juan Macias, Sandra Sells.

Fourth row - left to right:
Michael McFarland, Esperanza Rosales, David Pence, Veronica Schaner, Denise Sommerfeldt - Secretary, Steven Fillmore - Vice President, Glynn Miller - President, Lauri Walter - Treasurer, Charlotte Pasley, Michael Kimp, Paula Pradon, Jonathan Latus.

Fifth row - left to right:
Sally Johnson, Carlos Ledesma, Maria Jufeirt, David Moore, Patricia Obermesik, David Musick, Andrea Jones, Victoria Koziol, Richard Fuller, Betty LaFayette, Even Hazelett, Michelle Lahndorf, Joseph Jones, Yolanda Mireles.

Sixth row - left to right:
Russell Chernugel, Norita Danneffel, Stephen Dolezan, Sylvia Dimas, Rick Heater, Teri Harper, David King, Michael Carlock, Lori Gailhouse, Michael Collins, Debra Garpow, Stephan Deckard, Cathryn Hilderbrand, Robert Drake.

Seventh (top) row - left to right:
Lisa Anchor, Scott Anderson, Teresa Brewer, Charles Bogart, Tonga Ciszewski, Graham Brimhall, Marcia Culbertson, Michael Carlisle, Wanda Bare, Timothy Axsom, Anita Carmichael, Dwayne Bell, Karen Collins, Mike Boyer, Tina Danneffel

No photo:  Kevin Burchfield, Matthew Keech, Mark Miller, Aldo Romero, Mark Smithley.



HHS Class of 1980
30 Year Reunion
July 31, 2010

HHS Class of 1980 - 30 yr Reunion - 7-31-2010

Photo submitted 11-11-2010 by Sally Johnson  Germinder

 33 attended

Front row - left to right:
Michelle (Landorf) Bunn, Susan (Vanlierop) Brock, Collene (Peterson) Rowe, Andrea (Jones) Wade, Veronica Schaner, Sally (Johnson) Germinder, Paula (Pradon) Davis.

Middle row - left to right:
Patricia (Obermesik) Mckean, Denise (Sommerfeldt) Hodgins, Greg Spann, Paula (Varnau) Picone, Laura Smith, Norita (Danneffel) Smith, Garth Beam, Betty (Lafayette) Sliter, David Pence.

Back row - left to right:
Kevin Burchfield, Laura (Wilkens) Luciano, Steve Fillmore, Mickey Williams, Brian Wright, Mark Miller, Jonathan Latus, Dwayne Bell, Bobby Wade, Glynn Miller, Scott Anderson, Mike Kimp, Mark Toney.

Classmates that attended, but are not pictured: Carlos Ladesma, David Musick, Stephen Deckard, Jim Johnson.

Information for this web site was gathered from personal interviews, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, personal photo albums, and other documented materials
available to the public at the Hartford Public Library or Van Buren County Historical Museum.  Please report any typographical errors, updated information, or
incorrectly stated information to the webmaster for correction.  Reprinting for personal and instructional purposes is permitted, however, unauthorized
commercial reprinting of this information is strictly prohibited without written permission from the webmaster. 

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