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The parents of Hartford Michigan's future generations

 FROM:  Children of the past

               Welcome home....it's good to see you again!   
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Recollections And Jottings page before you leave and join us as the beginning of a new chapter in the History of Hartford Michigan.  Recollections and Jottings are made public for viewing around the world.  Be sure to scan notes entered by previous visitors.  Many are interesting tidbits of history AND you may find a former classmate who is looking for you!

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    is sure to awaken whispers of days-gone-by and stimulate a heart-felt glow as you recollect playing in Ely Park ... childhood walks down Main Street ... Saturday visits to The Meat Market ... or a fine dining experience in the Hartford House Hartford House 1909 - Hartford Michiganmany years ago in Hartford, Michigan.  Immemorial images will prompt a grin as you revisit friends and family who traversed our town during their journey of life.  The History of Hartford, Michigan is a visual genealogical resource of the venturesome progenies who came before us.
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Pearls In Our Past with your loved ones (see the Hartford History icon in the footer at the bottom of the page).  It is truly amazing to watch the present-day youth of our community express eagerness as they learn about the historic beginnings of Hartford.  Maybe, someday, they will join hands with a new generation child to continue onward in their stroll down the memory lane of Hartford Michigan. 
    Come back again soon, as new items will be added often.  If you have untold stories or pictures that should be included here, please send an email to the webmaster and share them with us.  Don't forget to read the
Recollections And Jottings page before you leave.
                                         Emma Thornburg Sefcik Member of the HHS Class of 1966

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Special Photo of
Daniel Lightner
in 1917 during WW1

Daniel Lightner in WW1- 1917 - Hartford Michigan