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Strawberries from High Acres Fruit Farm -  Hartford Michigan

Apples from Hartford Michigan

McFarland Farms - Hartford Michigan

Grape Tomatoes from Hartford Michigan

Plums from Hartford Michigan

Cherries from Hartford Michigan




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Michigan Chamber of Commerce



 Officers for 2015 

- Tad Moody (269) 621-2546Click here to send me an email

Vice President - Ron Ward (269) 308-3166 - Click here to send me an email
- Patricia Schroeder - Click here to send me an email. 
Secretary -
RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht  (269) 621-2477 - Click here to send me an email
Trustee - Ron Sefcik  (269) 621-4349 - Click here to send me an email
Trustee - Don Frantz (269) 621-3407 - Click here to send me an email
Trustee - Larry Johnson 269-921-2272 - Click here to send me an email

Trustee - Janell Birmele (269) 208-5234 - Click here to send me an email




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