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Emily Winkel
8th Grade Student at Hartford Middle School
Hartford Michigan

Right Hand Man

Wins First Place in
Hispanic Heritage Student Art-Essay Competition
October 29, 2005 State Competition
November 29, 2005 National Competition

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The Detroit News
Online edition
by  Kimberly Hayes Taylor
December 12, 2005
National Competition

Capturing a friend is rewarding

For Emily Alexandra Winkel, the choice to immortalize Roberto Espinoza on canvas for a Hispanic heritage art competition was a simple one.

After all, Espinoza, a Mexican-American farmworker who has been her family's loyal friend and her father's right-hand man for nearly 15 years, is special to her.

When her father broke his foot and couldn't manage the apple and cherry orchards, Espinoza held things together for the entire summer. He also serves as her mentor, teaching her to be honest when she's made a mistake and to work hard to earn what she desires.

The Hartford, Mich., 13-year-old captured her admiration for Espinoza on canvas with a watercolor portrait of him. Her entry, "Right-Hand Man" won first place in the Ford Motor Co. Fund/Detroit News Newspapers in Education 2005 Art & Essay Contest, and went on to win the Ford Motor Co. Fund/Hispanic Heritage National Art & Essay Competition.

"It was really surprising," says Winkel of taking the top spots. "I didn't really expect to win. I just like to draw."

Winkel spent three weeks painting before submitting her artwork in October. She competed against 234 Michigan artists in grades four to eight, and hundreds of other students nationally.

"Emily did an astonishing job," says Jeanette Stump, assistant manager for Partnership Programs Detroit News Newspapers in Education, who started the art competition six years ago when Ford agreed to sponsor it. Winkel, who attends Hartford Middle School, won a $2,250 savings bond for the Michigan competition and a $2,500 savings bond for the national contest.

She and other Michigan winners also spent three days touring Metro Detroit sites, including Greenfield Village and the Ford River Rouge Plant.

"This is so fun and exciting," Winkel says. "I've known Robert all my life. He's the person who has influenced me the most, and he's so proud that I chose to paint him."

Detroit News
Detroit Free Press

Online Edition
October 2005
State Competition


Ford Motor Company Fund and The Detroit News Newspapers in Education announce winners of the 2005 Hispanic Heritage Local Art and Essay Contest On Saturday, October 29, distinguished Hispanic artists Nora Chapa Mendoza, Andrea Lozano and Mary Laredo Herbeck, selected four winners and three special recognitions from a field of more than 234 student entries from across Michigan in the Ford Motor Company Fund/The Detroit News Newspapers in Education 2005 Hispanic Heritage Local Art and Essay Contest. Students had been asked to research a person of Hispanic descent that has made a significant contribution to the community or their life. Then, students were asked to create a portrait of this individual and write a brief composition about their subject describing why they chose this person. The winners were chosen based on originality, creativity, interpretation of theme and design and appropriateness for grade level. The winners are:

FIRST PLACE- $2,250 U. S. Savings Bond, Ford Hispanic Heritage Award and Certificate of Merit

This 1st place winner will now be entered in the National Competition of the 2005 Ford Hispanic Heritage Art and Essay Contest
"Right Hand Man" by Emily Winkel - Grade 8
Hartford Middle School, Hartford,
Teacher: Mrs. Donna Klapp


$1,000 U.S. Savings Bond,
Ford Hispanic Heritage Award
and Certificate of Merit

"Frida Kahlo"
by Karina Hernandez - Grade 5
Maybury Elementary, Detroit, Mi
Teacher: Ms. Lila Kadaj
$500 U.S. Savings Bond,
Ford Hispanic Heritage Award and Certificate of Merit

"Mr. Jim Padilla"
by Nora De La Cruz - Grade 6
Earhart Middle School, Detroit, Mi
Teacher: Mr. Hector Tapia Perez
$250 U.S. Savings Bond,
Ford Hispanic Heritage Award
and Certificate of Merit

"Cesar Chavez"
by Tessa Cannell - Grade 8
West Hills Middle School, West Bloomfield, Mi
Teacher: Mr. Mark Honeyman
Certificate of Merit

"Diego and Frida"
by Francisco Neri - Grade 5
Maybury Elementary, Detroit, Mi
Teacher: Ms. Lila Kadaj
Certificate of Merit

"Portrait of Frida Kahlo"
by Willie Santiago - Grade 5
Maybury Elementary, Detroit, Mi
Teacher: Ms. Lila Kadaj
Certificate of Merit

"Jose H. Gomez"
by Corey Norman - Grade 8
Bates Academy, Detroit, Mi
Teacher: Mrs. Robin McDaniel

Roberto Espinoza, Dads right hand man for fifteen years. He still calls Dad "Boss", but theyre partners. He lives in the small house next to our old farmhouse on the hill, so hes never far away. Without Roberto, Dad would have a hard time taking care of the apple orchard and tart cherries that weve grown for years, and Dad gives Roberto his job. Theyre dependent on each other; such friends are difficult to come by.

Speaking of friends, one that will never leave your side is the best you can find. My dad became very ill over this past summer, and was laid up on the couch more than not. How could he run the farm like that? With friends like Roberto, thats how. Doing the work of two men, he followed every detailed instruction; the summer went as smooth as could ever be dreamed of. As harvest was beginning, Dad was finally on his feet again, although still needing the help of our loyal friend.

As I grew up, Roberto was always there helping us. He is a hard worker who can be counted on to do his job with pride. If something goes wrong, his honesty shows up first. Doing his job correctly, not just getting it done is the reason we trust him. Loyal honest trustworthy honorable. Honorable is what Roberto Espinoza is. No movie star or singer deserves to be noticed more than he does. He is who I look up to.

Emily is the daughter of Kevin (HHS 1976) and Roxanne Winkel of Hartford MI.


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