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     Vietnam Memorial   

Ely Park in Hartford, Michigan

Names on this memorial represent military personnel from Van Buren County Michigan who died during the Vietnam War.  
We owe them so much for sacrificing their lives for freedom.  Following is more information about each soldier.



Age at time of loss

Date Tour 
of Duty Started

Date of 

Casualty Type



School Attended

The Wall Panel

Roger Hearns Paw Paw 20 3/18/1967 10/13/1967 Hostile, ground casualty other explosive device Marine Corps - Reg PFC-E2 27E - Line 101
James Maxam Paw Paw 21 4/30/1966 7/29/1966 Non-Hostile, ground casualty accidental homicide Army 25th Infantry Div. PFC-E3 09E - Line 88
Donald Slater Paw Paw 20 3/14/1968 5/1/1968 Hostile, ground casualty artillery, rocket or mortar Army 25th Infantry Div. PFC-E3 54E - Line 40
David Salinas
(Click on David's name on the monument above to visit the Hartford Military site.)
Bangor 18 2/4/1968


Hostile, ground casualty gun, 
small arms fire
Marine Corps - Reg PFC-E2 Bangor 51E - Line 2
Charles McClurg
(Click on Chuck's name on the monument above to visit the Hartford Military site.)
Bangor 18 8/11/1967 12/25/1967 Hostile, died while missing. Ground casualty misadventure Army 4th Infantry Div. PFC-E3 Hartford 32E - Line 58
James Sowa Decatur 21 8/27/1968 10/12/1969 Non-hostile, helicopter
non-crew air loss, crash on land
Army 1st Cav Div (AMBL) PFC-E3 41W - Line 54
Ronald Vliek
(Click on Ron's name on the monument above to visit the Hartford Military site.)


12/19/1968 9/5/1969 Hostile, 
died of wounds 
ground casualty other causes
Army 1st Cav Div (AMBL) Sgt-E5 Hartford 18W - Line 44
Clarence Gipson Decatur 21 7/18/1966 4/3/1967 Hostile
died of wounds
ground casualty
gun, small arms fire
Army 25th Infantry Div. Sp4-E4 17E - Line 95
Gregory Webb
(Click on Gregory's name on the monument above to visit the Hartford Military site.)
Covert 19 7/29/1967 Non-hostile
died missing
sea casualty 
other causes
Navy - Regular AA-E2 24E - Line 48
Dave Brant Mattawan 27 8/16/1968 10/14/1968 Hostile, 
helicopter - pilot 
air loss, 
crash on land
Army Reserve 1LT-02 41W - Line 62
Robert Mueller South Haven 20 9/21/1967 Hostile, ground casualty artillery, rocket, or mortar Marine Corps - Reg PFC-E2 South Haven High School 26E - Line 105
Fred Nelson II
(Click on Fred's name on the monument above to visit the Hartford Military site.)
South Haven 20


11/1/1969 Non-hostile, helicopter-crew
air loss, 
crash on land
Marine Corps - Reg LCPL-E3 South Haven High School 16W - Line 14
Richard Schnake South Haven 22 6/7/1968 5/14/1969 Hostile, 
ground casualty
multiple fragmentation wounds
Army - Reserve 1LT-02 South Haven High School 24W - Line 99
Kenneth Quan Lawton 20 3/6/1968 5/6/1968 Hostile, 
ground casualty
multiple fragmentation wounds
Army 101st Airborne Div PFC-E3 56E - Line 15
Jerald West Bloomingdale 23 7/18/1969 1/31/1970 Hostile
air loss, 
rash on land
Army 25th Infantry Div Sgt-E5 14W - Line 87
Ronald Sweetland Bloomingdale 20 9/2/1971 11/28/1971 Non-hostile, 
died missing
Helicopter-noncrew air loss, 
crash on land
Army 101st Airborne Div Sp4-E4 02W - Line 79
George Burrell Lawrence 20 9/17/1967 12/20/1968 Non-hostile 
ground casualty other accident
Marine Corps - Reg Sgt-E5 Lawrence 36W - Line 48
Bobby Baker Grand Junction 20 4/25/1968 9/13/1969 Hostile, 
ground casualty
died of wounds vehicle crash
Marine Corps - Reg LCPL-E3 18W - LIne 77

Visit to search for other fallen soldiers of the Vietnam War. Much of the information above is from The Wall-USA site, however, there may be additional information available that may be of interest. You may also leave a personal message of remembrance.  If you know where any these men attended high school, please send an email with the correct information and it will be added to this page. 


Information for this web site was gathered from personal interviews, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, personal photo albums, and other documented materials - many available to the public at the Hartford Public Library or Van Buren County Historical Museum.  Please report any typographical errors, updated information, or incorrectly stated information to the webmaster for correction.  Reprinting for personal and instructional purposes is permitted, however, unauthorized commercial reprinting of this information or unauthorized linking to photos-pictures on this site is strictly prohibited without written permission from the webmaster. 

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