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+ Contracted disease-illness-disability during service


World War II - Brief Timeline

Prelude to World War II
January 30, 1933
- Adolf Hitler and the Nazis come to power in Germany, forming the Third Reich
July 7, 193
7 - Chinese fired on Japanese troops in Peking
March 15, 1939
- Nazi troops seize Czechoslovakia
April 7, 1939
- Italian troops occupy Albania

September 1, 1939
- Germany invades Poland
September 3, 1939 - Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. Australia and New Zealand declare war on German.

World War 11 begins.
September 5, 1939 - South Africa declares war on Germany
September 10, 1939  - Canada declares war on Germany
September 17, 1939 - Poland falls to Germany
November 20, 1939 - Soviet forces invade Finland

Beginning of United States active involvement in World War II

December 7, 1941 -
Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; also attack the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, Malaya, Thailand, Shanghai and Midway.
December 8, 1941 - United States declares war on Japan
February 5, 1942 - United States declares war on Thailand
June 6, 1944 -
Major turning point of World War II, D-Day. By nightfall on June 6, 1944, Hitler's Atlantic Wall on the rugged French beaches at the Coast of Normandy, had been breached by combined allied American, British, and Canadian forces,  accompanied by contingents representing the governments-in-exile of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, and Poland.  D-Day remains the largest seaborne invasion in history.
May 8, 1945 - V-E Day. President Truman declares victory in Europe
September 2, 1945 - Formal Japanese surrender ceremony on board the MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay as 1,000 carrier-based planes fly overhead; President Truman declares VJ Day.

Markillie, Robert R.

Martin, Lovell Hilburn "Marty"

Martin, Harold L.

US Army
b 8-10-1916            d 4-6-2007
    Hartford MI      Benton Harbor MI
Age 90y, 7m, 27d

In service
February 1944 to
December 1945

From HHS Class of 1934

Worked the family farm in Hartford, Whirlpool Corporation, and delivered coal for Uncle Walt Markillie, who owned the local coal and feed store in earlier years.

Son of
Ralph and Louise (Krohne) Markillie

Married Mabel Woodward Markillie


US Army
b 9-9-1919            d 5-20-2006
Mt. Vernon AR      Grand Rapids MI
Age 86y, 8m, 2d

In Service
19__ to 19__

Member of
American Legion Stoddard Post 93
Lifetime member of
National Disabled American Veterans

Resident of Hartford MI
and formerly Fennville MI



b             d 10-2014
               Hartford MI

In Service
19__ to 19__
Age 88

Son of

Married to
Joyce Martin, Laurine Martin

Retired from
Watervliet Paper Mill


Marvin, Ruth Elinor "Ellen" Shafer
Ruth "Ellen" and Art Marvin W2
US Navy
b January 26, 1920     d 1-3-2013
       Hartford MI          Williamsburg PA
Age 92y, 11m, 10d

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1937

Photo taken in 1943 is
Ellen and husband, Art

In service
1943 - 19__
Served at
Bainbridge Hospital, Maryland

Daughter of
Dell & Ruth Shafer

Married to
Art Marvin

Ellen's brother Robert, served in the US Army Air Force during WW11

  Matthews Jr., Guy L. (Bonz)


US Navy
USS Wisconsin
(age 17 in photo)
b 10-8-1926     d 1-21-1996
Chicago IL       Hartford MI
Age 70
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI
Sec 4 Lot 80 Sp 2

In service 1943 to 19__

Left high school to enter
 the Navy and was 
a member of the
HHS Class of 1943

Other photos

Married to
Carolyn Bulat Matthews HHS 1952

McComb, C. Everett (Buster)

Fireman 1st Class
US Navy
USS Indianapolis

Killed in Action.
After delivering the atomic bomb to Tinian Atoll in the Marianas Islands, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Of the 1200 men aboard, only about 400 were rescued.  Buster was reported as missing in action at end of war and later declared dead.
See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

Photo from the album of
Roy (Bud) Davis
By Roy (Bud) Davis
Paw Paw River Journal
TriCity Record - 2005

       This story comes from our recent All-School HHS Reunion. Marion and I sat with one of her classmates, Jean Rhinehart Brown. I have written before about a cousin of hers… Everett “Buster” McCombs. He was a friend from high school, and back in the day Marion and I double-dated with one of her friends and him.

       I have been haunted for years by the story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Buster was on that ship, and what happened to all of those men right at the end of the war is almost too horrible to contemplate. Of the ship’s complement of 1,200, about 400 went down when the Indianapolis was torpedoed. Almost 800 were left floating in the water, burned, covered with oil. When they were finally rescued, only about 400 had survived. The stories of giving up and slipping beneath the surface, or being grabbed by sharks, have been well documented.

       Thinking about Buster’s being one of them has always bothered me. He was such a lively guy… full of high spirits, and a natural clown. West Coast friend Bob Conolly said one summer he ran a sports program for Hartford High students. They had a school for learning to box. Bob said Buster was one of the most natural lightweight fighters he had ever seen… but he just would not get serious.

       So the night we sat with Jean Rhinehart Brown at the reunion, the talk soon turned to old times; and I asked her if she ever found out what happened to Buster. Jean said, “yes,” she did. She too was haunted by the story of the Indianapolis. And at a meeting one time, she had a chance to talk to one of the survivors. This guy had floated for days, until they were finally rescued.  He knew Buster... remembered him well. And he told Jean that when the Japanese torpedoes hit, Buster was sleeping below deck. He never knew what hit him. Just went down with the ship.

       When Jean told that story, I felt an immediate sense of relief. Since then, I have been thinking. If I had been that survivor, and a relative asked me about a loved one… I think if necessary I might have fudged the story a little bit… but we will always hope that’s the way it was.

McCowen, Alfred (Gene)
US Navy
Radar Operator 2C
2nd Class Petty Officer

In service 1943 to 1945
WW 11
 and 1951 to 1952
Korean War
(see Korean War info)

USS Bunker Hill Cv17
USS Markab AD 21

From Keeler MI

Dowagiac High School
 Class of 1941


McCoy, Charles W
McCoy, Charles  -  W2
US Army
b 7-7-1924     d 2-18-07
Hartford MI     Bangor MI
Age 82y, 7m, 17d
Buried in
Arlington Hill Cemetery
Bangor MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Served at
Asiatic-Pacific Theater
Philippine Liberation

Son of
Bryan and Lula (Vernon) McCoy

Lifelong farmer
Retired from Van Buren Co.
Road Commission in 1986. 
 McFarland, James (Jay) Edward

US Navy
b 3-11-1926            d 12-14-1999 
Jonesboro AR             Bangor MI  
Age 73

Seaman 1st Class
Port Director 3912
Sasebo, Japan
 NRS Pearl Harbor T.H.

In service 1944 to 1946

Received the American Area
Ribbon, Asiatic Pacific Area Ribbon, and
WW 11 Victory Ribbon.

From Jonesboro AR,
came to Hartford MI in 1935.
Left high school to enter the Navy and was
a member of the HHS Class of 194__

Picture above is Jay and his wife, Charlene.

Photo and information
submitted by 
Charlene McFarland


McGowan, Gale
US Army 
Medical Corps.  - Sgt

Served in Iceland, Ireland, France, Luxemburg, German, Czechoslovakia.

In service
1941 - 1945

» Bronze Star
» Citation for Distinctive Heroism in connection with military operation against the enemy on Jan 18, 1945 in Luxemburg. Citation stated:  "Sgt. McGowan, a medical aid man, disregarding personal safety, continuously rendered medical treatment to his stricken comrades. The personal heroism and superb medical skill displayed by McGowan reflect great credit upon himself and the medical corps."

HHS Class of 19__
McIntyre, George (Mac)
Merchant Marine
b 6-16-1925    d 10-27-2002  
Age 77y, 4m, 13d

Former owner of
 the Keeler Country Store.

Was a member of 
Decatur American Legion
Post 309


McKenzie, Louis
US Army
Technical Mechanic
b 6-14-1899       d 1-21-1945
   Keeler MI         Plainwell MI
Age 45y, 7m, 9d
Buried in
Keeler Cemetery
Keeler MI

In Service
12-15-1942 to 6-1943
6-1943 Reserved Corps

Son of
Mr. and Mrs. John McKenzie


McNitt, James Rollo
Brigadier General, Retired

US Air Force
US Army Signal Corps
b 11-12-1910       d 4-6-2003
       Hartford MI     San Antonio TX
Age 92y, 4m, 25d

 In service
12-17-1940 to 11-1962 Active Duty 
6-1934 to 12-27-1940 Reserves

11-1-1962  Retired.
1959 - Promoted to Brigadier General.
1958 - Commander of the 6920th Security Wing.
1957 - Assigned overseas to Hawaii.  Colonel McNitt served with Hdqs Commander in Chief Pacific as Asst. Chief of Staff Communications and Electronics.
1954 - Returned to US, assigned to the Pentagon at Hdqs US Air Force.  Post Graduate work in Engineering Admin. at The George Washington University, Washington DC.
1952 - Went to Korea. Appointed Director of Communications and Electronics at Headquarters Fifth Air Force.  In Dec. 1952 became Deputy for Communications at Hdq. Japanese Air Defense Force, Nagoya, Japan
1950-51 - Attended Air War College, assigned as Chief Liaison Office with the Air Defense Laboratory, Headquarters US Air Force, Cambridge Research Cntr, Cambridge, Mass.
1949 - Liaison Officer for the air Defense Command.  Became Commander of the 506th Aircraft Control and Warning Group at McChord AFB, WA.
1948 - Organized and commanded the 607th Tactical Control Group.
1947 - Appointed Chief of Communications for 12th Air Force, March AFB, CA.
1943 - Transferred to European Theater. Participated in 6 campaigns with 71st Fighter Wing.
1940 - Active Duty-Company Commander of a Signal Construction Co. in US Army Signal Corps. Placed on duty as Commander of a radar company soon after start of WW 11.
1937 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
1934 - Commissioned as Second Lieutenant
1934 - University of Michigan - BS in Engineering Physics

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1928

Son of
William and Wavia Bell McNitt

Married to
Eula Kitts McNitt

Information from the United States Air Force Biography website at

Meagher, Raymond Edward
US Army
b 6-22-1925        d 3-4-2006
Pembina ND       Hartford MI
Age 80y, 8m, 10d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Worked at Watervliet Paper Co
DuWell Manufacturing
Krenek Car Sales, and Brookfield, Inc

Member of
Hartford American Legion Post 93

Son of
Edward & Eva (Crobett) Meagher


Melson, Roman Dwight
US Air Force
b 12-9-1933      d 5-3-2006
Moulton AL     Hartford MI
Age 71y, 4m, 25d
Buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In Service 19__ to 19__


Miska, Leonard

Leonard Miska W11
US Army
b 9-19-1921     d 2-14-1980
   Chicago IL   W Palm Bch FL
Buried in Chicago IL

HHS Class of 1941
Vice President

Son of
Joe & Rosialia Grabzanowska Miska

Resided in Hartford during
the 1920s-1940s

Information submitted by
Virginia Meachum, 1st cousin,
on 4-14-2004

Mix, Robert "Bob"


Morris, George M.

Robert Mix - US Army
US Army
b 1-22-1918      d 2-21-2008
Hartford MI      St Joseph MI
Age 90y, 1m, 1d
Buried in
Rush Lake Indian Burial Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

  Wounded in action

Wounded in the leg while in Italy and received a Purple Heart as well as several other medals of honor.

From Hartford MI

Son of R.C. "John" & Sarah Mix

Employed as a Painter at
Kaywood Products until retirement in 1980

Elder in the
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi tribe

Last resided in Benton Harbor MI

George Morris d 8-20-2010
U.S. Army
b 3-15-1924     d 8-20-2010
 Detroit MI       Portage MI
Age 86y, 5m, 7d

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1942

In Service
19__ to 19__

Served in

  Wounded in action

Medal and Awards
» Purple Heart
Two bronze battle stars

Elizabeth Roche

Married to
Gloria Thompson Morris
HHS 1944

Last Residence
Portage MI

Mosher, Donald W.


Mundt, Lester

Donald Moser d 8-8-2010
   b 1-3-1926              d 8-8-2010
     Armada MI         South Haven MI
Age 84y, 7m, 5d

In service
19__ to 19__

From Armada MI
Graduate of Armada High School

Son of
Bruce & Isabelle Ward Mosher

Married to
Alma Mosher

Last residence
Hartford MI

Retired from the Michigan Department of Transportation after 22 years of loyal service.
Member of the Hartford United Methodist Church and the Port Huron DAV.


Lester Mundt d 11-25-2009
US Army
b 5-12-1922       11-25-2009
    Keeler MI        Watervliet MI
Age 87y, 6m, 16d
Buried at
Fairview Memorial Cemetery
Watervliet MI

In service
19__ to 19__

  Wounded in action

Served in
» Okinawa
» Latay

Awards & Medals

Son of
Otto and Mable (Johnson) Mundt

Married to
Adell Frazier Mundt

Managed Beverly Lumber Company for many years, and worked for ABC Lumber and Judd Lumber. On Oct. 20, 2009, Lester retired from Kellogg Hardware in Hartford, where he worked for 20 years.

Last residence
Watervliet MI

Lester's nephews, Mylen (Mike) Mundt
and Ed Mundt, served in the US Navy.

Munro, David Graham

Munro, Donald Cameron

Munro, Nathaniel "Nat" W.

David Graham Munro Sr - U.S. Navy WW11
US Navy
Boatswain’s Mate 1c (CB) V-6
22nd + 23rd NCB

b 08-10-1914               d 12-04-1990
Calgary, Alberta CAN      Chicago IL
Age 76, 3m, 26d
Ashes scattered in Lake Michigan

In service
06-1942 to 10-1945

David Graham Munro, known as "Graham" enlisted in the Navy Construction Unit, AKA the Seabees, in 1942. Because of his construction experience, he was made a Boatswain’s Mate First Class. He spent almost 2 years on Alaska’s outermost island, called Attu. The Seabees built runways and radar positions in case the Japanese tried to attack Alaska or the rest of the West coast from the North. The Japanese never came and it was incredibly sunless, cold and windy. Later, Graham served in Guam, part of the Midway Island chain, where the Seabees built a harbor, among many other things. After travelling home on the USS Missouri, Graham was honorably discharged in 1945 with $393.61 muster out pay.

 Vessels and Stations Served On

» NRS Detroit Michigan
» NCTC Norfolk Virginia
» 22nd NCB
» 23rd NCB
» PSC LidoBeach LINY

 Awards and Medals
Heroism Medal

Son of
Nathaniel and Isabella (McDonald) Munro

Married to
Dorothy (Galbraith) Munro in 1944

Life after Service

David and Dorothy had four children. David was a Stonemason in the Chicago metro area for 50 years.

Lived in Chicago, IL and Hinsdale, IL.

Brothers, Donald and Nathaniel served
 in the military during WW11.

2015 - Photo and profile submitted
by his son, Donald Munro. 

Donald Munro W2
US Marine Corp. Reserve
b 6-30-1923              d 10-2-1950
Calgary, Alberta CAN    Hartford MI
Age 27y, 3m, 4d
Died in a car accident.

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1942

In Service
11-1942 to 11-1945

Wounded in action
  POW/MIA - released 

Hartford Day Spring
November 29, 1945

Called Dead is Discharged

Cpl. Donald Munro Heads Week's List of Returning GIs

     Among the Hartford servicemen discharged this week are Marine Cpl. Donald (Minnie) Munro, who returned to the United States a month after he was reported killed in action; S-Sgt. Gerald T. Parascandolo, a ski trooper who served with the 10th mountain infantry division in Italy; Albert R. Berndt, navy motor machinists mate third class who spent
20 months in the Pacific.

     Munro, who had served with the marines for more than three years, was discharged at Great Lakes,
Ill. A veteran of five Pacific invasions, he had been wounded in action last December by shrapnel while fighting in the Peleliu Islands.
     On May 18 his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nat Munro, former Hartford residents now living at Kalamazoo, received a telegram stating that Donald had been killed in action on Okinawa. A month later they received another telegram from Donald himself, who had arrived safely in California.

Awards and Medals

Munro was awarded the purple heart, Asiatic-Pacific theater and Philippine liberation ribbons and their battle stars, American theater ribbon and victory medal. He also was cited for rescuing a buddy from the ocean.

Brothers, David and Nathaniel served in the military during WW11.

2011 - Photo submitted by
Ronnie Munro Griffin

Munro, Nathaniel "Nat" W.
Nathaniel W. "Nat" Munro  d 2-25-2008
US Army - Staff Sergeant
32nd "Red Arrow" Division
41st Division
b 12-30-1917     d 2-25-2008
Calgary CAN        Reno NV
Age 90y, 1m, 28d
Buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service
4-1941 to 8-1945

  Wounded in action
 Nat served in the Army's 32nd "Red Arrow" Division and the 41st Division in the Pacific Theater from April 1941 until August 1945 as a Staff Sergeant. He first fought in New Guinea at the Battle of Buna, known as "Bloody Buna", where the U.S. and Aussies, at a terrible cost, inflicted the first defeat of the war on the Japanese Imperial Army on January 23, 1943, about two weeks ahead of the better-known victory at Guadalcanal. These two victories saved Australia from invasion and the very real possibility of defeat. After several more island-hopping campaigns, he was wounded in the liberation of the Philippines in April 1945. After more than two years of combat duty, one of the longest combat tours of any American soldiers in the war, he returned to American soil on August 14, 1945, the day of the Japanese surrender.

Awards and Medals
Among his decorations were the Purple Heart and four bronze battle stars. Despite his distinguished service record, Nat, like so many other WWII vets, did not speak of the war until the latter years of his life.

Son of
Nathaniel and Isabella (McDonald) Munro

Married to
Mary Ann (Shafer) Munro

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1937
    Lived in
Henderson NV 1947 to 2004

Brothers, Donald and David served in the military during WW11.

Myers, Leon

Killed in Action in Italy

In service 19__ to 19__

See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

Myers, Norman
US Army Air Corps
b 4/7/1922       d 10/1/2004
Hartford MI        Lawton MI
Age 81y, 6m, 9d
Buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

HHS Class of 1939

Alleyne Markillie HHS 1936


Neff, Ernest
US Army
b 1-20-1914     d 4-14-2005
 Hartford MI     Watervliet MI
Age 91y, 2m, 25d
Buried in
North Shore Memorial Gardens
Coloma, MI

In service 19__ to 19__

Member of the Hartford
American Legion Stoddard Post 93.


Neff, Walter
US Army
b 9-18-1917     d 12-24-2000
Age 83y, 3m, 7d
Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery,
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

held at Camp M. Stammlager.

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1939

Member of
American Legion Stoddard Post 93

Hartford Public Schools
Crossing Guard for 10 years.

Nelson, Doreen Audrey
US Army - SGT
b 1/10/1927    d 10/16/1997
Age 70y, 17d
Buried at
Ft. Custer National Cemetery
Augusta MI
Plot 3 0 318

Last residence:  Hartford MI
Nelson, Richard Warren
US Air Force - SGT
b 1/5/1921    d 3/16/1993
Age 71y, 10m, 16d
Buried at
Ft. Custer National Cemetery
Augusta MI 
Plot 3 0 318

Last residence:  Hartford MI

Newnum, Jr., Thomas Wilson

Newton, Crystal A.
Crystal A. Newton d 7-22-09

US  Army
b 3-24-1918      d 7-22-2009
 Cardwell MO      Hartford MI
Age 91y, 3m, 30d

In service
19__ to 19__

Son of
Alonzo & Serna (Millon) Newton

Married to:
Willie Maxine (McCloud) Newton

After the war, Crystal was employed as a laborer at Whirlpool and Paramount Die Cast.



Nicholas, Harold Howard (Fuzzy)
US Navy
d 10-28-2008
Cumming GA
Age 88 years
Buried at
Georgia National Cemetery

Son of
Floyd and Sarah (Young) Nicholas

Married to
Dorothy Nicholas

Retired from
Autos Specialties, Hartford
after 30 years of service

Lived in Lawrence MI.
After retirement, moved to Georgia


US Army - Sergeant
Infantry - Engineering
Squad Leader
 b 6-21-1921        d 12-2-2007
Bangor Twp MI     Watervliet MI
Age 86y, 5m, 13d
Buried in Watervliet Cemetery
Watervliet MI

In service 1944 - 1946

Served in South Pacific, Philippines

From Bangor MI
Bangor High School Class of 19__

Resided in Hartford 1950 to 1960

Awards and Medals
» Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon
» Philippine Liberation Ribbon
» Victory Medal
» Good Conduct Medal
» Army of Occupations Medal
» Japan Philippine Independence Ribbon

Life occupations were as a truck driver, grain farmer, retired as a paper making machine operator from Watervliet Paper Mill in 1984.

Memberships in Teamster's Union, United Paper Workers International Union, and Henry Chamberlan Masonic Lodge 308.

October, 2003 - Photo and information
 submitted by his son, Thomas Newnum,
who served in the US Air Force
during the Vietnam era. Grandson, Thomas Lee Newnum, served in the US Army during the Afghanistan-Iraq War.

Nickol, Donald
US Army

In service 19__ to 19__

HHS Class of 1938



Olds, Arthur D.
Arthur D. Olds d 2-22-1987

US Army
b 10-15-1918         d 2-22-1987
Hartford MI             Utica MI

In Service
1-4-1943 to _____

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1936

Son of
George & Florence Kime Olds

Olds, Donald H.
Donald Olds d 12-25-1944
U.S. Army - Sergeant
52nd Division of the
505th Paratroop Infantry
    b 9-8-1917     d 12-25-1944
Watervliet MI        Belgium
Age 27y, 3m, 18d

In Service
4-1944 to 12-25-1944

Killed in Action
Belgium 12-25-1944

Served at:
Camp Roberts, CA
Fort Benning, GA

Invasion of Sicily and Italy
Battle of Nijmegen Bridge, Netherlands,
France and Belgium

See WW11 Memorial

Son of
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Olds

 Olds, John S.
US Marine Corp,
b 7-28-1917            d 3-27-1988
  Hartford MI      Benton Harbor MI
Age 70y, 8m, 1d

In service 194__ to 19__

Stationed at Leyte

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1935


Son of
Carl & Kathrine Kinnane Olds

Married to
Claire Chamberlin Olds HHS 1934, who also served during WW11


Olds, Larry Eugene

Olds, Richard W.

US Marine Corp. - Corporal
Line TW, Rifle Sharpshooter,
 Field Artillery Crewman
   b 8-4-1922           d 8-12-1993   
Age 71y, 9d

Photo taken in 1964

Served in the 
Pacific Theatre of Operations
3rd Marine Division

» Participated in consolidation
of Southern Solomon Islands 
» Offensive and Defensive action at Bougainville, BSI, 
» Participated in capture and occupation of Guam,  
» Participated in capture 
of Iwo Jima

Enlisted at Detroit, MI 
on 9-17-1942
Honorable Discharge from the
Casual Company, Quantico, VA
on 10-11-1945

Monthly pay rate at time of discharge was $69.30. Upon discharge,
was paid $.05 per mile from 
Quantico, VA to Detroit MI 
and paid $79.35 in full. 

HHS Class of 1940

US Air Force
Pilot - Captain
b 10/30/1918      d 12/19/2001
Hartford MI         Fresno CA
Age  83y, 1m, 21d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 1942 - 1946

Pilot on B17 Flying Fortress,
"Bugs Bunny Jr.",
447th bombing group,
unit of the 3rd Air Division.

Flew over 
50 combat missions
in European Theatre

Served in England

» Distinguished Flying Cross with
1 oak leaf cluster
» Air Medal with 6 oak leaf clusters
» European Theater Award with
5 battle stars
» Service Bar
» Victory Medal

HHS Class of 1936

Resided in Hartford 1946-1956 then relocated to California in 1956.  Last known residence was Fresno CA.

Parascandolo, Gerald T. (Jerry)

In service 1943 - 1945
Enlisted at age 18.

Saw combat in Italy. 

* Bronze Star
* Purple Heart with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters

Returned to service in the
retired as a Colonel

From HHS Class of 1943
Did not graduate with class, 
left school to enter service.

Jerry is the brother of 
who served during
the Korean War 

2002 - Resides in 
North Judson, Indiana

US Army - Infantryman
Staff Sergeant
I Co., 3rd Battalion, 
86st Infantry Regiment, 
10th Mountain Division

b 1-7-1925

Photo taken in Naples, Italy

Wounded in action


Parrett, William H. "Harry"
US Army

Pate, Claud Willoughby
US Army
b 1-16-1921        d 10-2-2002 
  Age 81y, 9m, 2d

Buried in
Ft. Custer National
Battle Creek MI

From Eva, Alabama


William "Harry" Parrett - W2
b 4-16-1941               d 7-31-1991
 Rockcastle KY        Benton Harbor MI
Age 70y, 3m, 16d
Buried in
Keeler Cemetery
Keeler MI

Graduate of
Hartford High School 1941
(Class Treasurer)

In service
1942 - 1944

Fought in the Battle of Normandy

Son of
Cornelius & Dosha (Shepherd) Parrett
Lived in Hartford with his uncle, Bill Shepherd, after the death of his parents.

Earned football scholarship to Western Michigan University - left college to enter service.

Married to Natalie (Smith) Parrett

Founder of Parrett Business Machines in 1961
Benton Harbor MI

Pawling, Loren Earl

Perrin, James

Killed in action
  See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

Loren E. Pawling - WW2
US Army
Tec 5 - Railroad Engineer
b 12-11-1918         d 12-03-1986
    Fayette, OH        Battle Creek, MI
Age 67y, 11m, 24d
Died at the VA Medical Center
Battle Creek MI
Buried at Ft Custer National Cemetery
Augusta, Michigan
Plot C 0 213

Served at
 » Bombay, India - 725th shipped
out to Bombay from
12-1944 to 9-1945.

Camp Claiborne, LA - 1 year with the Claiborn-Polk Railroad for war-time training with the 725th Operating Railroad Battalion.
» Camp Perry, Ohio - Basic Training

 In service
2-1943  to  9-1945

The following is an excerpt from
India-Burma Theatre Newspaper
September 13, 1945

"In the not too distant future, shop will close in the India-Burma Theater. 
The green jungle will reclaim the many obscure installations in Burma. 
Yank khaki will disappear from the warp and woof of life in wartime India. 
When that day comes, you who served on this
"have-not front"
can look at yourself in the mirror and say:

'Maybe you didn't march into Berlin or Tokyo,
maybe you haven't a collection of stories that'll knock 'em cold,
 maybe your chest  isn't loaded with fruit salad (medals)--
but by God, you did a job.'
'Through hell and high water and more mud and jungle
than you ever dreamed existed.'

From Fayette OH
Fayette High School Class of 1936

Transferred to Hartford with C&O Railroad from Howell MI in 1959.
Loren was the last Train Depot Agent at Hartford when passenger
service was discontinued in 1970.  The depot was demolished in 1976.

Photo and information provided on 7-29-2003 by
Diane Taylor Pawling, daughter-in-law.

Phillips, Richard S.

  Pierce, Larry B.
US Army
b 7-21-1933    d 6-16-2000
Age  66y, 10m, 27d

In Service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1951


Richard Phillips - Hartford Michigan
US Army - SSGT
Company A 13th Armored Regiment
1st Armored Division
b 2-10-1911         d 7-8-1987
  Hartford MI      Battle Creek MI
Age 76y, 4m, 28d

Buried on 7-13-1987 at 
Ft Custer National Cemetery
Augusta, Michigan
Plot 1 0 328

In service
6-26-1942 to 10-21-1945

Served at
Algeria-French Morroco, Tunisia, Rome-Arno
Southern France, Rineland
Central Europe GO 33 & 40 WD45

Awards and Medals
» Bronze Star Medal
» Good Conduct Medal
» European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with 6 Bronze Stars and 1 Bronze Arrowhead

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1928

Son of
William & Clara (Sleezer) Phillips

Married to
Veronica (Baleski) Phillips

Last residence was Hartford MI

2-19-2008 Information submitted by his daughter, Linda Willer.
Photo submitted by Arlene Ward.

Polmanteer, Ted "Sarge"
US Army
Master Sergeant Ret.
   2-13-1920           d 4-29-2003
Keeler Twp. MI        Prescott AZ
Age 83y, 2m, 16d
Burial of ashes in
North Shore Memorial Gardens,
Hagar Shore MI

US Navy during WW2

In service
US Navy 19__ to 19__
US Army - retired in 1960

From Keeler Twp. MI

Son of
Carl and Hazel (Avery) Polmanteer.

Married to
Virginia Smith Polmanteer
in 1942.


Pomeroy, Kenneth Davis


Kenneth Pomeroy - US Navy - W11 and Kor
US Navy
Storekeeper (SK) - E4
b 4-27-1927        d 6-8-1974
Hartford MI        Hartford MI
Age 47y, 1m, 13d
Buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service
4-25-1945 to 7-18-1946 - WW11
6-20-1951 to 9-27-1956 - Korean War

Served in Guam
Served on the USS New Jersey

Medals and Awards
Victory Ribbon WW11
» Asiatic Pacific Ribbon
Good Conduct Medal

From Hartford MI
Class of 1944

6-2005 - Information and photo
submitted by his wife,
Margaret A. Pomeroy


Prouty, Charles (Fred)
US Army Air Force
Charles Prouty W2
b 8/1/1921           d 2-4-2005
    Cadillac MI     Grand Rapids MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Served in Italy

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1939

Married to
Helen Skibbe Prouty

Rathbun, Roy
US Navy  
Seaman - 2nd Class
Great Lakes, IL

Died on active duty
after a short illness
  See WW11 Memorial 

In service 1945 to 1946

HHS Class of 1944




Rhinehart, Harvey
Harvey Rhinehart - W11
US Army
Photo taken in 1945

In service
19__ to 19__

Rich Rhinehart, Harvey's son, served during Korea and Vietnam Era. 


Rhinehart, Victor John (Jack)
Jack Rhinehart, US Army Paratrooper
US Army - Paratrooper
82nd Airborne
 b1-22-1925           d 7-29-1957
 Stickney SD       Benton Twp MI
Age 32y, 6m, 7d

Wounded in action
In service 194_ - 194_
(3 years of service)
Wounded in the invasion of Normandy.

HHS Class of ____
From Hartford MI

Son of
Victor and Mary Jones Rhinehart

Died, as a civilian, in a sewer line hookup accident
in Benton Township MI

His brothers, James and Bob served during WW11. His brother, Bill, served during Korea.

 Picture submitted by his sister,
Betty Rhinehart Bulat Edmonds.

Rhinehart, James

US Army - Pilot
b 1922  -  d 1965
Age 43

James Rhinehart WW2-USN
US Navy

In service 194_ - 1954

From Hartford MI.
HHS Class of 1939

Died in 1965, as a civilian, in Alabama as rotors fell off a  Helicopter he was testing and crashed into wooded area.

Medals and Awards
» Soldiers Medal
» Distinguished Flying Cross
» Bronze Star for heroism in Korea

V mail to mother, 
Mary Rhinehart in 1944

Certificate presented by
Village of Hartford in 1943

Son of
Victor and Mary Jones Rhinehart

Married to
Opal Swisher Rhinehart

His brothers, Jack and Bob served during WW11. His brother, Bill, served during Korea

Top picture submitted by his sister,
Betty Rhinehart Bulat Edmonds.

Lower photo was from the album of
Roy (Bud) Davis.

Rhinehart, Robert

US Army - Aerial Gunner
b 10-12-1923   -   d 6-26-1997

                         Hartford MI
Age 73y, 8m, 16d

In service 19__ to 19__
Stationed in Germany

HHS Class of 19__

Son of
Victor and Mary Jones Rhinehart

Medals and Awards
» Good Conduct
» Distinguished Flying Cross
» Air Medal with
 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters.

The Sky Shark - fantastic photo of Bob in front of the plane was on during WW11.
An arrow "
^" indicates Bob in the photo.

His brothers, Jack and James served during WW11. His brother, Bill, served during Korea

Picture submitted by his sister,
Betty Rhinehart Bulat Edmonds.

Rice, Dale
US Marine Corps.

Served in the South Pacific

In service 19__ to 19__

Dale's brother, Dwaine Rice,
served in the US Marines during WW2.
His father, Dewey M. Rice, served during W1.


Rice, Dwaine Merele
Dwaine Merele Rice W2

US Coast Guard
Seaman - 1st Class
b 11-15-1921 d 4-8-2006
Burnstad ND Kalamazoo MI
Interred at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1940

Owner of Rice's Sporting Equipment

1963 - 1990
US Postal Carrier - Retired

Resided in Hartford until his passing.

Dwaine's brother, Dale Rice,
served in the US Marines during WW2.
His father, Dewey M. Rice, served during W1


Richmond, Russell

Richter, Paul F.

US Navy
b  7-14-1922       5-8-2010
Keeler Twp MI    Hartford MI
Age 87y, 9m, 26d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1940

Agricultural Certificate from
Michigan State College
(now known as Michigan State University)

Son of
Deane & Adaline (Russell) Richmond


Married to
Esther Ballard Richmond


Served on the
Watervliet Fruit Exchange Board
Hartford Federated Church Board

Fruit & livestock farmer
in Hartford MI


US Air Force
Bomber Pilot, Instructor
1st Lieutenant
b1918            d 4/5/2002
                    Grand Rapids MI
Age 84

Ninth Air Force - 386 Bomb Group

Flew 56 combat missions as
a bombardier on B-26 and A29 bombers

Stationed in
» England
» Bombardier Navigator School
Childress Army Air Field, TX

In service 1941 to Oct 1945

» Air Medal with 10 oak leaf clusters
» European Theatre Ribbon
with 2 battle stars

HHS Class of 1936

Son of
Paul & Mabel (Dowd) Richter Sr.

Photo from the album of
Roy (Bud) Davis)

Roberts, Fred

Killed in Action

In service 19__ to 19__

See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

Robertson, John Merritt

Robinson, Munson Ulysses

John Merritt Robertson d 8-18-2012
US Navy
b  6-7-1926            d 8-18-2012
    Hartford MI        Cedar Rapids IA

Hartford MI

HHS Class of 1943

Son of
Merritt E. HHS 1923 and
Mildred Minshall Robertson HHS 1923

Married to
Betty Lou Martin Robertson

Graduate of
University of Iowa with a
degree in Journalism

Retired from
The Cedar Rapids Gazette
in 1991 as Executive Editor




US Merchant Marines
Radio Operator
Munson Ulysses Robinson d 6-25-2004
b 8-10-1921      d 6-25-2004
 Hartford MI   Stevensville MI
Age 82y, 10m, 17d
Cremains buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

HHS Class of 1938

In Service 1944 to 19__

After the war, he helped build and run WHFB as the Chief Radio Engineer, where he worked for fifteen years. In the 60's, he owned and operated Background Music Company.

Lifetime member of Benton Harbor Elks Club, the American Legion, U.S. Navy Armed Guard

Son of
Ulysses and Nell Robinson

Married to
Ivelise Boynton Robinson,
Florence Burns

Last Residence
Stevensville MI


Rodgers, Raymond Neil
Raymond Rodgers d 10-26-2014
U.S. Army
b 11-17-1922      d 10-26-2014
   Tower MI          Dowagiac MI

Son of
Neil and Florence Plumber Rodgers

Married to
Elizabeth Neff Rodgers

After his time in service, Raymond worked at the Burnette Foundry in Keeler and retired from Autos Specialties after 30 years of faithful employment.

Last resided in Hartford MI.

Rose, Donald

(Don Rose and Harlan Fredricks)
US Navy Air Corps
Quartermaster - 1st class
b 4-10-1925         d 12-20-2004
New Buffalo MI      St. Joseph MI
Age 79y, 8m, 12d

In service 1943 - 1946

Served on ship during the Pacific Theater and was in ports at Okinawa, China, Japan.  While is service, he taught in American schools in France and Germany. 

HHS Class of 1943

Graduate of Western Michigan University and taught at Watervliet Public Schools and retired from the Benton Harbor School District.

Lifetime resident of Hartford, except when in the military.

Don and Harlan were close
friends during high school

Rose, Wayne
US Navy

In service
19__ to 19__

Service Manager for
Couell Mfg Co. for 28 yrs,
Service Manager for CC Brumeca of Gruges Belgium & Paris France for 6 yrs,
owner of Rose Machine Shop in Hartford.

Member of the
Hartford Old Engine and Tractor Club

Married to
Mary (Groth) Rose (HHS 1947)

Resides in Hartford


Rowe, Edwin S. 
US Army
15th Air Force 
Service Command

Served in Italy

In service 1943 - 19__

HHS Class of 19__



Rudell, William


Ruple, Gene Arden
TSgt. Retired
Gene A. Ruple USAF
US Air Force
b 4-19-1935          d 3-23-2016
Keeler Twp MI     Jacksonville AR
Age 80y, 11m, 6d

HHS 1953 graduate

Son of
Harold and Dorothy Ann Ruple

Married to
Delois “Dee” Ruple

In service
19__ to 19__

Medals and Awards
» 3 Distinguished Fly Crosses

Stationed in
France, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Philippines with numerous tours in
Viet Nam.

Gene's brother Wayne Allen Ruple served in the U.S. Army

US Army
Corporal AAF AUS
HQ SQ 13th AAF
Postal Flight Clerk 056

b 1-12-1924 at Thora, IA
d 9-21-1977 Hartford MI
buried in
Keeler Cemetery, Keeler, MI
Age 53y, 8m, 11d

Ruple, Max Ruple, Wayne

Max Ruple - W2
US Army - Corporal
Tank Unit - 7th Army

b 9-12-1921       d 4-12-1945
Age 23y, 6m, 31d
Died in
Buried in
Lorraine American Cemetery
Moselle France
Plot d, row 16, gravesite 21

Killed in Action
In service 9-2-1942 to 4-12-1945
See WW11 Memorial

From Keeler
HHS Class of 19__

Photo and information submitted by
Jim and Mary Ruple Smith on 8/26/2003. Max is Mary's uncle.  She is a graduate of HHS Class of

Wayne Jones, Wayne Ruple, Bob Dodd, George Hall with Keeler friends - WW2
US Army

In Service 19__ to 19__

From Keeler MI

Photo taken July 6, 1952 with Keeler buddies;
Bob Dodd (HHS 1943), Wayne Ruple, DeWaine Jones (HHS 1950),
and  George Hall, who was also in service.

Photo submitted by Robert Hall,
brother of George Hall 4-22-2003


Sadler, Calvin
U.S. Air Force
b 10-20-1923    d 6/12/2011
Arkansas       Hartford MI
Age 87y, 7m, 23d
Buried in
Watervliet Cemetery

In service
19__ to 19__

Son of Eddie & Ollie Sadler

Married to
Minnie Heuermann Sadler

Owner of CR Sales, Sadler's Trucking

Member of
Faith Lutheran Church
SW Michigan Horse & Buggy Club


Saetre, Grandville (George) A.

Salnave, Myron A.
US Army
Cook - Pvt 1st Class
b 3/31/1909    d 2-20-1976
                     Lawton, MI
Age 66y, 10m, 22d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Section 3, Lot 94 N 1/2
Hartford MI

In service
3-23-1942 to 10-7-1945

Served in the Aleutian Islands.

Medals and Awards
» Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon
» Bronze Star
» Good Conduct Medal

Graduate of South Haven High School, South Haven MI

Resided in Hartford 1945 - 1976.

Information submitted by
Myron's stepson, Don Mills
on 4-14-2004




George A. Saetre - W2
US Army - Sergeant
Air Corps Radio Operator
Air Corps
Direction Finding Operator
b 1-25-1924            d 3-26-2013
  Chicago IL              Hartford MI
Age 89y, 2m, 2d
Entombed at
Mt EverRest Memorial Park
Kalamazoo MI

In service 1942 to 1945

Served in
European Theatre Operations,
England, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe.

Awards and Medals
EAME Service Medal with
5 Bronze Stars
» Victory Medal
» Good Conduct Medal

Lane Technical HS, Chicago IL
Class of 1940

Resided in Hartford since 1941.

Son of
Andrew and Dagny (Isachsen) Saetre

Married to
Martha (VanLiere) Saetre

Sanders, Harold Herbert


For meritorious and efficient performance of duty while serving in a Marine artillery battery during operations against the enemy on Roi-Namue, Marshall Islands, Saipan and Tinian, Marianas islands, Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands.  Private First Class Sanders, serving as a cannoneer in the howitzer section, performed his duties in an excellent manner, often working tirelessly day and night. Under heavy fire on Saipan and Iwo Jima, he carried out his duties regardless of danger and personal fatigue, constantly setting an example to those who worked with him.  On Saipan, when his battery was destroyed by enemy shell fire, he joined another battery and continued the fight against the enemy. By his initiative, energy, and devotion to duty he contributed materially to the smooth operation of his battery. His conduct throughout was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Services.

Roy S. Geiger,
 Lieutenant General,
 U.S. Marine Corps.

«   »

for service set forth
in the following Citation

For excellent service in the line of his profession and outstanding conduct under heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire, during the invasion and capture of Saipan, Marinas Islands, 15 June to 9 July, 1944.  By his initiative, energy, and devotion to duty he contributed materially to the smooth operation of the battery, of which he was a member, until it was rendered inactive by intense enemy fire on the 16th of June, 1944.

C.B. Cates,
Major General
United States Marine Corps
Commanding Fourth Marine Division

Click here to view a postcard Harold sent home to his mother, Mrs. W.W. Sanders
 on October 12, 1943.

Harold also received a
Certificate of Honor from the
Village of Hartford MI, dated March 6, 1944. 
Click here to view a sample certificate.

Harold H. Sanders - W2
US Marine Corps
Cannoneer, Howitzer Section
Private 1st Class
b 1/17/1925       d 12/4/1991
Doering WI         Hartford MI
Age 66y, 10m, 17d
Cremated - ashes scattered over pond on daughter's (Pam) farm in Hartford MI

In service
4/30/1943 to 12/5/1945

2nd Bn. 14 Marines
"5" Btry 4 Marine Div.

Weapons - ER Rifle, Qual Bayonet

Served in Guam, Philippines, Roi-Namur,  Marshall Islands, Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, Saipan & Tinian, Marianas Islands.

Rate of pay at discharge
$54.00 per month.
Discharged from Great lakes IL.
Paid $38.02 in full to date of discharge.

From Hartford MI HHS Class of 1946  Did not graduate with class, left school to enter military service.

Married to
Glenna Reed Sanders
from HHS Class of 1946

The Sanders boys were all in the military in one branch or the other. Pa Sanders was a beaver farmer, cab owner, and well driller. Most of the boys came home to Hartford to live and went to work as well drillers. Wes, Bob, Harold and Earl Sanders all began their own well drilling business. Later, Harold went into the Carpenter business. He worked on the Cook Nuclear Plant, many bridges and overpasses on I-94, and the JC Penney building in the Orchard mall at Pipestone, Benton Harbor, also worked on the old Howard Johnson Motel and Restaurant at M-139 in Benton Harbor. He built 3 homes, 2 in Hartford and 1 on Bankston Lake, Lawton.

Dad lived on the farm with us in his last years. He loved to drive back to the pond on our farm and take a nap, where it quiet and peaceful. He told us that was were he wanted to be after he was, he forever is.


Information and photos submitted by his daughter,
Pam Sanders Williamson 3/9/2003

Schadler, Elmer

Killed in action
See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

Scott, Theodore Stewart  

Theodore Stewart Scott - W2
US Navy
b 4-2-1921             d 3-7-2005
Hartford MI         Springdale AR
Buried at
Fayetteville National Cemetery
Fayetteville AR

In service
19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1942

Retired from State Hospital, Quincy MI in 1983, relocated to Arkansas.

Information submitted by Larry Blyly.
  Scranton, Robert Louis

Robert Scranton d 4-26-2009
US Army
106th Infantry Unit
b 11-8-1918           d 4-29-2009
Paw Paw MI           Brighton MI
Age 90y, 5m, 12d

In service 1942 - 1946

Paw Paw MI

Son of
Melvin V. and Charlotte M. (Nunn) Scranton

Married to
Mildred M. (Clover) Scranton HHS 1943

From the Press Argus Online
June 15, 2003

     Scranton grew up in Paw Paw, a small community in southwestern Michigan. He played football and baseball in high school and went on to play football at Western Michigan University. When he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1942, the 25-year Scranton soon found himself fighting in Europe.
     He fought in the Battle of Bulge and was captured by the Germans in December 1944. He spent the next few months on a forced walk across 540 miles through Czechoslovakia and Germany.
     Scranton said he and his fellow soldiers lived on raw sugar beets and potatoes that they stole from nearby farms. The sugar beets were raised for cow feed.
     He remembers asking a buddy why everyone was calling him "slim." According to Scranton, his buddy said, "Look at yourself, you're skin and bones."
     Scranton said he lost over 100 pounds during the walk, and his 6-foot-4-inch frame had dropped to under 150 pounds. He said many guys couldn't keep walking, and the Germans picked them up and supposedly took them to a hospital. He said, "Those guys just disappeared."
     Of the 300 soldiers who started out on the march, Scranton said only 30 survived.
     Scranton said he wasn't scared during this time.  "I had a strong faith in God that I would make it," he said. Scranton kept a small Bible with him and read it every night with whatever light was available. Scranton received a Bronze Star for his service.
     Teacher and football-baseball-basketball coach at Hartford High School after returning home from service in 1946. Former Hartford Superintendent, H. Gordon Hawkins, informed Bob of a position with the Brighton School District.

» Member of the American Legion - Commander of the Brighton Post 235
» Charter member of the 106th Infantry Division Association, served as Adjatant of the Division for 12 years, was past president and is a Life Member.

2003 update
At 84 years old, he and his wife, Mildred (Clover) Stranton HHS 1943, reside in Green Oak Twp MI. Bob retired as Principal of Brighton Middle School after 31 years of service with the Brighton School District. The middle school was renamed Scranton Middle School prior to his retirement. Click here to read more about his life.

Sefcik, George Joseph In service
1-8-1942  to  10-19-1945
US Marine Corps and Reserves
Sergeant (TW) (CP)
Wire Chief
Telephone and Telegraph
George Joseph Sefcik and unknown friend USMC
George and friend
in Chicago IL

Kenneth Sefcik (Bud), brother, and George

b 3-31-1920         d 1-5-1995
  Chicago IL        Watervliet MI
Age 74y, 9m, 8d
Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI
Sec 22 Lot 227 Sp 3

In service
3-8-1942 to 9-23-1943

Enlisted at RS, CRD, Chicago IL.
Honorably Discharged from the Separation Battalion, Redistribution Regt (Prov) Camp Joseph H. Pendleton, MT & RC, SDA in Oceanside CA

Served in:
Asiatic Pacific Area: Samoa

Weapons Qualification:
Rifle Marksman

Crossed over the Equator on the way to the American Samoa Islands and officially went from a Pollywog to a Shellback.  Received a
Domain of Neptunus Rex certificate

March 16, 1942. 

Rate of pay when discharged
was $81.90 per month.

After his discharge from the Marines, George lived most of his life in Bangor MI and worked for Autos Specialties in Hartford MI, where he retired in 197_.  He was one of the first CNC Operators with Autos Specialties.

George Joseph Sefcik married to
Alice Elizabeth Carlson Sefcik

Resided in Bangor MI

    George Joseph Sefcik USMC - Wire Chief W2
    On the job in the Marines

George Sefcik W2
George's son, Ronald Sefcik served in the US Navy during the Vietnam Era.  Ronald is the husband of Emma Thornburg Sefcik, Webmaster of the History of Hartford website.

Scherer, John W.
US Army - Signal Corps
b 2-6-1920    d 9-26-2007
Keeler MI    Dowagiac MI
Age 87y, 7m, 24d
Buried in
Keeler Cemetery
Keeler MI

In service
19__ to 19__

 He attended the Gregory School and graduated from Dowagiac High School.

Son of
William & Minnie (McKinley) Scherer

Married to Amelia Sanchez-Hevia Scherer

 John was an area fruit farmer for over 30 years and the owner of John Scherer Real Estate Company. He served eight years on the Dowagiac School Board; was treasurer of Keeler Township for many years and served on the Keeler Township Planning Commission. John was a member of the Keeler United Methodist Church, the Dowagiac Elks Lodge 889 and Peninsular Lodge 10 of the Free and Accepted Masons.



Scherer, Leslie (Les) W.

US Army Air Force
Radar Communications Spec
Tech Sergeant 
20th Air Force Bomb Group
b 12-17-1923       d 7-9-2010
 Keeler Twp MI    St. Joseph MI
Age 86y, 6m, 24d

Keeler MI

Last Residence
St. Joseph MI

Attended Gregory Grade School in
Keeler Township

Graduate of
 Dowagiac High School
Class of 1942

In Service
1942 - 19__

Served in
» Guam - Marinas Island Group on B-29 Super Fortresses that carried out missions on the Japanese mainland, and other islands including Iwo Jima, Truk and Okinawo.
» He spent brief periods on Pacific islands of  Kwajalein, Johnston Atoll, Saipan, Tinian, Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands.

» Puerto Rico-Bourinkin Army Air Force Base.

Son of
William and Minnie (McKinley) Scherer

Married to
Anna (Annie) V. Twyford Scherer


Shafer, Robert Edson
Robert Edson Shafer -  US Army Air Corps W2
U.S. Army Air Corps
441st Troop Carrier Group
b 7-23-1923                d 9-5-2013
Hartford MI          
Tallahassee FL
Age 90y, 1m, 16d

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1940 and
eceived a degree in mining engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

In service
1942 - 1946

Served in the
United States and
European Theatres of Operation

Robert participated in the Normandy Invasion and was among the first American soldiers in Berlin after being dispatched to secure the Tempelhof Airport in May of 1945.
Son of
 Dell and Ruth Shafer

Married to
Elizabeth Donnelly Shafer

Robert's sister, Ellen, served in the US Navy during WW11


Sherwood, Ben L.
US Army
b 3-31-1917         d 4-9-2005
                           Oak Lawn IL

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1935


Shirley, Calvin Coolidge
US Army
b 11-4-1924          d 3-12-2005
Kennett MO          Decatur MI
Age 80y, 4m, 8d
Buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI


Sikes, Joe R. Sine, Bert Francis Sirks, Clifford Dean

Joe R. Sikes
US Navy
b 9-6-1926                d 6-19-2006
    Keiser AR          Berrien Springs MI
Age 79y, 9m, 14d
Buried in
Coloma Cemetery
Coloma MI

From Hartford MI

Member of the
» Hartford American Legion
Stoddard Post 93
» Hartford VFW Post

Also served during the
Korean Conflict.

Former District Manager of
Neils Automotive, Hartford MI


Bert Francis Sine - W2
US Navy
PFC 1st Class
Tractor Equipment Operator
Machinist Mate USNR
b 2-24-1928      d 4-26-2004
  Chicago IL       Merrillville IN
Age 76y, 2m, 3d
Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In Service
5-11-1950 to 5-16-1951
USNR - during Korean War

4-5-1945 to 5-6-1946
Great Lakes IL
USNCTC Davisville RI
64th NBC
24th NBC

Awards and Medals
American Area Ribbon
» WW11 Victory Ribbon

» Asiatic Pacific Area Ribbon
» Philippine Liberation Ribbon

Resided in Hartford 1991 to 2004

Photo and information provided by his wife, Theresa Kozlowski Sine


US Marine Corp
Private 1st Class
b 6-19-1924                  d 6-20-1944
    St. Joseph MI         Saipan, Marinana Islands
Age 20y, 1d
Buried in the Hill Cemetery
Lawrence MI

Killed in action

Served with the 2nd Battalion,
10th Marines, 2nd Marine Division
See WW11 Memorial

In service 7/1942 to 6/20/1944

               Awards and Medals
» Silver Star Medal
» Purple Heart


From the Lawrence High School
Class of 1943.
Did not graduate with class, but
entered the Marines instead.

Lived in Hartford 1934 to 1937.

Photo and information submitted by his brother, Duane O. Sirks on 11/10/2003.

Skipper, Frank
US Army - TEC5
b 7-14-1917       d 12-8-1999
Age 82y, 4m, 27d
Buried at
Ft. Custer National Cemetery
Plot F 0 674 on 12-10-1999
in Battle Creek MI.

In service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford MI
Smith, John Darrell Smith, Ronald Howard "Smitty"

US Navy
USS Thomas Jefferson
A.P.A. No. 30
b 9-27-1928            2-22-2008
  Kalamazoo MI        St Joseph MI
Age 79y, 4m, 27d
Buried at
North Shore Memorial Gardens
Hagar Township MI

In service
1945 to 1949

Served 4 years in the South Pacific

Attended Hartford High School until his 17th birthday in 1945, when he quit school and joined the U.S. Navy.

      In 1954, he began employment with the Ward Baking Company (Tip Top Bakers) as a route salesman. Kreamo Bakers bought out the agency in 1980 in Benton Harbor. John continued working until 1999 when he retired after 45 years of service at the same location as the agency manager.

Life member of VFW Post No. 1137

Son of
James and Ruth (Howard) Smith.
John's mother passed away when he was 6 years old and he was raised on a small farm in Hartford by grandparents
John and Nora Howard.

Married to
Mary Lou Woods
Dorothy Brown
Elizabeth Smith

Last residence was Coloma MI.

John's brother, Ronald "Smitty" Smith  served in the US Navy during WW2.

Dolores and Ron Smith W2
US Navy
Motor Machinist's Mate
1st Class
b 8-26-1921        d 3-24-2008
  Hartford MI       St. Joseph MI
Age 86y, 6m, 30d
Buried in Hill Cemetery
Lawrence MI

In service
19__ to 19__

Served on the
 LCI 24 (
Landing Craft Infantry) ship.
(Designed to deliver soldiers and marines quickly during an amphibious assault on enemy territory.)

Participated in the Guadalcanal
Campaign (Lunga Beach) with
amphibious forces from 1943 to 1945.

After the war,
he started with the Benton Harbor Police Department and retired as detective lieutenant in 1971 after 25 years of service. Smitty then worked for Judge Chester Byrns for the next 14 years as a bailiff. He then worked for Sheriff Nick Jewell as a classification officer and
finally with Sheriff Robert Kimmerly as trustee officer.

Member of
VFW Post #1137
DAV Chapter #17

Son of
James and Ruth (Howard) Smith

Married to
Dolores Logan Smith

Last residence was Benton Harbor MI.

Ronald's brother, John D. Smith,
served in the US Navy during WW2.


Snodgrass, Clarence
US Navy
Seaman 1st Class - USS Beryl
b 11-2-1925          d 5-26-1999
 South Bend IN     Palm City FL

In service 19__ to 1-1947


From HHS Class of 1942
Hartford MI


Letter to home in 1945


Married to
Virginia M Snodgrass


Son of
Vern & Fern Snodgrass


Snodgrass, Robert
US Marine Corp.
b 3-26-1923     d 11-2012

In service 1-1944 - 19__

Employed at the 
Willow Run Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti.

Wounded in Action  .
Participated in one of the worst battles of WWII at Iwo Jima.....wounded seriously and carried shrapnel in his back all the rest of his life. As he and others were being evacuated, the landing craft was blown right out from under them; and they had to put the wounded on another one.

HHS Class of 1942

Son of
Vern & Fern Snodgrass

Helene Geisler Snodgrass
HHS 1941

Spaulding, Gerald W. 
US Army
242 Field Artillery Battalion

In Service 19__ to 19__

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1937

Son of
Mr. & Mrs. Arlyn Spaulding

Gerald's brother, John Spaulding, served
in the US Navy during WW11.

Spaulding, John Ira
US Navy
Pilot - Ensign
b 2-5-1924                   d 1-25-1949
Hartford MI         Oceana Beach VA
Age 24y, 11m, 22d

In service
1942 - 1949

» After receiving his commission in 1946, he was assigned to the aircraft carrier Midway in the Mediterranean area for six months.
» 1 1/2 yrs stationed at Oceana Beach VA

Died during active duty
No trace has been found of him since he was lost in a heavy fog Jan. 25 on a routine flight.

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1941

Son of
Mr. & Mrs. Arlyn Spaulding

 John's brother, Gerald Spaulding, served in the US Army during WW11



Sreboth, Raymond M.

Stagg, Adelbert Letts

US Army
Radar Operator, Radio Operator, Radio Repairman
b 10-8-1922        d 3-26-2013
   Chicago IL         St. Joseph MI
Age 90y, 5m, 19d
Buried at
Resurrection Cemetery
St. Joseph MI

Photo taken at Camp Crowder, MO in 1943
Co. F, 804 Sig. Training Regiment

In Service 1943 - 1945

562 Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion: Italy, France, Germany.
Detached Service with the French First Army for the Rhine Crossing.

Medals and Awards
1 Service Stripe
» 2 Overseas Service Bars
American Campaign Medal
European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon
with 4 Bronze Battle Stars (Rome-Arno, N. Apennines,
Rhineland, Central Europe)
» Good Conduct Medal
» World War II Victory Medal
» Carbine Marksman Medal

A Handbook For School Business Officials in Michigan.

Co-authored two subsequent books in same field.
1974-1987 Superintendent, Berrien Co. Intermediate School District
1971-74 Superintendent, Benton Harbor Area Schools
1972-Western Mich. Univ., Ed. S
1962-1971 Asst. Superintendent, Benton Harbor Area Schools
1955-1962 Honorary Assoc In Arts conferred by Lake Mich. College.
Superintendent, Covert Public Schools
1951-Univ. of Mich. M.A.
1948-Western Mich. Univ. B.S.

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1941

Son of
Mathew and Mary Sreboth

Married to:
Eva Sreboth

Resided in Hartford 1936-1941

While rummaging around looking for wartime photos, I found a label from a package sent to me while I was at Camp Crowder.  The return label reads,  "From the Citizens of Hartford Michigan".  As I recall, I was most surprised to get a parcel from a place I missed so much and it was much appreciated.
                                                         St. Joseph MI

Adelbert Stagg MD - Hartford Michigan
US Army
b 4-24-1920            d 6-12-2013
Tennessee            Paw Paw MI

From North Carolina
Graduate of
Fletcher Academy Class of 1930
Fletcher NC

Attended the College of Medical Evangelists in Loma Linda, CA. and served his medical internship at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids MI.  After the war, he completed his post-graduate work in general surgery and cardiology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago IL.

• Began private practice
during 1948 in Hartford MI. 
• Served as Deputy Medical Examiner for the Van Buren Co. Medical Society
• Served 3 times as
Community Hospital Chief of Staff in Watervliet MI

Resided in Hartford MI during most of his medical career and Paw Paw MI.

Retired in 2007 after 59 years of service to Hartford and surrounding areas. 

Stebbin, Joseph L.
US Army - Pvt.

In service
11-21-1942 to


From the Hartford Day Spring 3-22-1945

Missing Local Soldier
taken Nazi Captive

A Hartford soldier previously reported missing was listed this week as a prisoner of war and former Hartford resident (Edward H. Jetzke) was reported killed.

Pvt. Joseph L. Stebbin, son of E.E. Stebbin, formerly of Hartford is a prisoner of the Germans.  We was reported missing in action Oct. 6 in France.

In a letter to his sister, Mrs. Arlo Nap, Kalamazoo, Pvt. Stebbin said that he was in Camp No. 4F at Stalag, Germany.  The letter was written Dec 23.

Won Expert Rating
Stebbin participated in the invasions of Sicily and Italy. He was awarded the Italian campaign bar and received recognition as an "expert" with the infantry in Italy.

He entered service Nov. 21, 1942, and received his training at Camp Wolters, Tex., and Camp Pickett, Va.  He has served overseas since May, 1943. His wife, the former Virginia Thornton, Hartford, is serving with the WAVES at Bunker Hill, Ind.

Stevens, James

In service 19__ to 19__

Killed in action
See WW11 Memorial

HHS Class of 19__

First person from Hartford killed in action during WW11.


Stock, Harold Garside
US Army
b 9-1-1916               d 9-14-2004
Peoria IL            South Haven MI
Age 88y, 14d
buried in Keeler Cemetery
Keeler, MI

In service 19__ to 19__

from Keeler MI

Stoddard, Clinton (Chink)

US Army Infantry
Rifleman - PFC
Co L 276 Inf
b 10-20-1919    d 8-13-2010
Hartford MI      Hartford MI
Age 90y, 9m, 26d

In service
6-5-1944 at Ft. Sheridan IL
 to 1-23-1946 Camp Atterbury IN,
issued $11.95 travel pay upon discharge

Served in
Forward Replacement deployment in Italy, then on to France, Germany

Battles & Campaigns
Rhineland, Central Europe

Medals and Awards
» Combat Infantry Badge
» EAME Theater Ribbon
with 2 Bronze Stars
» WW11 Victory Medal
» Good Conduct Medal

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1938

Son of
Jack and Maude (Shafer-Schaefer) Stoddard

Married to
Myrtle Ray Stoddard

Last resided in Hartford MI.

Chink is the father of Rick Stoddard, who served during the Vietnam Era and the brother of Martin Stoddard, who also served in WW2 and nephew of Clinton Stoddard, who served and died in WW1.

Stoddard, Edward (Junior)
Junior Stoddard W2
Photo taken just prior
to entering service

US Marines - PFC
b 7-20-1924         d 4-8-1945
Hartford MI             Iwo Jima
Age 20y, 8m, 20d
Buried 3-17-1949
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
Honolulu, Hawaii.
Sec F Lot 209
Edward Stoddard WW2

In service 19__ to 19__

Killed in Action

From HHS Class of __
Did not graduate with class,
entered service

Son of
Edward Stoddard Sr and
Mrs. D.H. Milner
lived with grandparents
Mr & Mrs Wm Martin
and Uncle and Aunt
Mr & Mrs Rollo Stockwell

Photo contributed by
Bick Beckwith 11-22-2002

Stoddard, Martin 

US Army - T5
Co. I - 126 Inf 32nd 
(Red Arrow) Div.
b 8-5-1917      d 1-1-2008
Hartford MI     Decatur MI
Age 90y, 4m, 29d
Buried at
Keeler Cemetery
Keeler MI

In service 1940 to 1946
Guinea and Buna Campaigns

Wounded in Action
Wounded in Battle of Buna,
spent 2 years in hospitals
in Australia and in US.

Awarded the Purple Heart

From HHS Class of 19__
Did not graduate with class, left school, due to family hardship, and joined the Army.

Martin's son, Gary Stoddard, served during Vietnam.  His brother, Chink Stoddard,
also served in WW11 and nephew,
Clinton Stoddard, served and died in WW1.

Stowell, Paul
US Army
b 7-28-1919            d 4-7-1944

Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

In Service 19__ to 1944
+Died of meningitis
while stationed in Texas

 Married to
Margaret "Peggy" Olds Stowell

Stuart, Carl "Louie"
Carl Stuart - W2
US Navy
BM1 Bosons Mate - 2nd Class
High Speed Minesweeper
b 4-27-1915         d 2-18-1984
 Harrietta MI         Hartford MI
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Section 22, Lot 225 Sp 1
Hartford MI

In service
11-15-1939 to 12-7-1945

Served on the

USS Southard DMS-10.
The ship was struck by a Japanese suicide plane on January 6, 1945, during the Lingayen Gulf Operation.
USS Titania AKA-13

Participated in the invasion of
Guadalcanal and Tulagi in July 1942.

Awards and Medals
» American Defense
» Good Conduct with second award
» World War 11 metal
» American Campaign
» European African Middle Eastern Campaign with 2 bronze stars
» Asiatic Pacific Campaign with 4 bronze stars.

From Hartford MI
Attended HHS

1970 - Retired from Auto Specialties
 in Hartford

Photo provided by his daughter, Carlene Stuart Brown HHS 1969.  Carl's first name was originally Karl, however upon entering service, the name was (mis)spelled as Carl.

Swift, Clifford George
Clifford George Swift - US Army - W2
US Army
Qualified Expert with M1 Rifle
b 5-29-1916            d 5-21-2005
     Coloma MI        South Haven MI
88y, 11m, 24d
Buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery
Hartford MI

Clifford George, Irene, and Margie Swift 1945
Irene and George
with daughter, Margie 1945

In service
5-26-1945 to 1-18-1946

Served in:

Awards and Medals
» Victory Medal

 An avid ham operator in civilian life, he was one of many who were on call in case of an emergency and made ham friends around the world. He was a professional photographer in Hartford for 35 years and many people attest to the fact that George was the best Locksmith around. He also drove a school bus for Hartford Public Schools for several years.  George formerly owned and operated Swift Mfg and Supply Co. in Hartford and Lawrence for 25 years.

Member of the American Legion Stoddard Post 93 for 52 years. Veteran Clifford George Swift - Memorial Day 2003
Photo was taken on
Memorial Day, 2003

Son of
Arthur and Cora (Branch) Swift.

Married to
Irene (Varga) Swift.

Last residence
 Hartford MI

March, 2009 - photos submitted by his daughter, Shirley Swift.

Swinford, Robert R. Swisher, Arthur Swisher, Chester P.

Swinford, Robert R.
US Army
298th Engineers

In service
4-2-1943 to 9-30-1944

Missing in action
Killed in action
See WW11 Memorial

Served in the European area

From Hartford MI
HHS Class of 1942

Helen Williams HHS 1940

2006 note from
Helen Williams Swinford Norden
     Robert and I were married 6-20-1942 in Hartford by Rev. Wm. Goltz.  He left April 2, 1943 to Camp Grant IL.  He was sent to Camp Ruckor AL, Texas, and then overseas in fall of 1943. 
     Robert came home to Hartford on September 13th to see our daughter, Connie, who was born September 11, 1943.  That was the last time we saw him. Connie never knew her father.
     On August 15, 1949, Kenneth Norden
and I were married.  Kenneth's wife had passed away in 1945, leaving him with 2 little boys, Tom and David. We became a family, raising 3 children on the farm in Hartford. 
     Kenneth passed away 1-18-1998.

The Hartford Day Spring
Thursday, October 25, 1945

PFC Swinford, Lost A Year, Termed Dead

Army Unable to Get
More Information
of Local Soldier

   Pfc. Robert Swinford, who failed to return from a communication patrol south of Zweifall, Germany, after an encounter with the enemy On Sept. 30, 1944, has been declared dead, according to a war. department notice to his wife, Helen.
   The army stated that full consideration had been given "to all available information bearing on Swinford's absence, including all records, reports and circumstances.
   In view of the fact that 12 months have expired without the receipt of evidence to support a continued presumption of survival, the war department ruled that it must terminate such absence by a presumptive finding of death. Accordingly, an official finding of death has been recorded under provisions of a 1942 federal law.
   "I regret the necessity for this message," stated Edward E. Witsell, acting for the adjutant general, "but hope you may sustain comfort in the thought that the uncertainty with which war has surrounded the absence of your husband has enhanced the honor of his service to his country, and of his sacrifice."
   Swinford is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Swinford, who recently moved to Watervliet. His wife, the former Helen Williams, and their daughter Connie, reside with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, at their farm at northwest Hartford.

Robert's brother, Duane Swinford,
served in the US Marine Corps
during Korea.  He was also killed
in action and remains missing in action.

US Navy
Special Service NCO

In service
1942-1946 (Navy)
Returned to service in the
Korean War 1948-1952 (Army)

Served in the South Pacific
Philippine Islands

Awards and Medals
» 11 Battle Stars
» 2 Liberation

From Hartford
HHS Class of 1944

Art's brother, Chester,
served in the US Navy.

Chester Swisher (d 4-2-2009) with Pres. Bush in 2005
US Navy
Chief Petty Officer (Ret)
b 4-20-1921           d 4-2-2009
Benton Harbor MI    San Diego CA
Age 87y, 11m, 14d

In service
1939 to 1965

Son of
Chester and Vema Swisher Jr.
stepmother, Lullia Swisher

♦ Served on the USS Maryland - was on this ship when Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec 7, 1941
♦  LST 354
♦ Landing Craft at Invasion of Marshall Island, which was hit by a shell that killed most of the men on the craft.

Married to
Cleo Swisher

The photo in 2005 when Chet met President George W Bush at the honoring of the survivors of Pearl Harbor.

Chet's brother, Art Swisher, served in the US Navy during WWII and in the US Army during Korea.


Szewczyk, Edward John
US Marine Corps
b 1-25-1925     d 1-9-2003
Age 76y, 11m, 16d

In service
19__ to 19__

Life member of
American Legion Post 93
of Hartford

Former City of Hartford Council member and volunteer with the Hartford Fire Department.

Links: - Casualties on US Ships Hit by Allied Gunfire During WW2.  Very informative site on Revolutionary through Desert Storm Wars and Conflicts of the United States Navy.

This site will change when names and photos become available.  Check back often for updates.  Please email the webmaster with information about anyone who served in the military and lived in Hartford OR Keeler at any time during their life.