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     Hartford Queens 1970 - 1979
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email the webmaster.

Miss Hartford 1970
1970 Miss Hartford, Cheryl Vint - Hartford Michigan
Cheryl Vint

Marilyn Miller - 1st Runner-up
Karen Sue DeMorrow - 2nd Runner-up
Miss Congeniality

Daughter of
Jack and Patricia Vint


Miss Hartford 1971
Cindy Pitcher - Miss Hartford 1971
Cindy Pitcher

Debra Smith - 1st Runner-up
Theresa Lyons - 2nd Runner-up
Wanda Herron - Miss Congeniality

Daughter of
Jerome (Bud) and Dawn Pitcher


Miss Hartford 1972
1972 Miss Hartford, Debbie Parker - Hartford Michigan
Debbie Parker

Lynn Cornell - First Runner-up
Ardene Winkle - Second Runner-up
Deborah Hampton - Miss Congeniality

Daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Parker

25 contestants
Christine Avery, Deb Coombe, Violet Fuller,
Debbie Hampton, Diane Heffner, Judie Hobson, Janice Howard, Debby Hunt, Diana Knight, Laurie Laman, Martha Larson, Sandy Martin, Elaine Miller, Pam Morsaw, Sandy Olds, Mary Ellen Pozivilko, Irene Rhinehart, Angie Roberts, Cherie Sells, Dianne Thomas,  Paula Toney, Palmira Tymke, Cheryl Yerington.


Miss Hartford 1973
Debra Coombe - Miss Hartford 1973
Debra Coombe

Julie Wilkins - 1st Runner-up
Vickie Kolberg - 2nd Runner-up
Laurie Laman - Miss Congeniality
Miss Hartford 1974
Debra Lichnerowicz - 1974 Miss Hartford and 1974 Miss Blossomtime
Debra Lichnerowicz

Pam Boze - 1st Runner-up
Debbie Anderson - 2nd Runner-up
Teresa Thomas - Miss Congeniality

Miss Blossomtime 1974

14 Contestants
Daryl Boothby, Brenda Carlisle, Bonita Hogue, Barbara Maas, Virginia Meachum,
Denise Miller, Pamela Prince, Diane Roush, Mary Ruple, Kathleen Strasser

Bill Griffin - Master of Ceremonies

Bobbie Lyn Williamson, Flower Girl
Charlie Broadhurst - Crown Bearer
Lynn Ward - Organist
Janyce Polmanteer, Less Burford, Leon Hinton, Al Steffens - Entertainment

Contest Theme
Happiness is U.S.A.

Lori Pradon - Chairman

Linda Williamson - Co-Chairman

Contest held Saturday, March 2, 1974, 7:30 p.m. in the Hartford High School Gymnasium.

Daughter of
William and Joan Lichnerowicz


Miss Hartford 1975

Carla Miston

Diedra Jones - 1st Runner-up
Diane Widner - 2nd Runner-up
Diane Koch - Miss Congeniality

Daughter of
Carl and Peggy Miston


Miss Hartford 1976
Miss Hartford 1976 - Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson

Debby Story - 1st Runner-up
Jill Marlene Latus - 2nd Runner-up
Laurie Smith - Miss Congeniality

Other Contestants
Denise Chernugel, Cindy Coombe,
Diedra Jones, Audrey Latus,
Jill Latus. Patricia McLaughlin,
Patti Jo Meachum, Sherry Miller,
Robin Mobley, Debbie Musick,
Jill Ruggio, Jill Szewczyk, Janet Unrath, Andrea Wallace, Diane Widner,
Julie Winans  

20 contestants

Contest Theme
Liberty and Enlightening the World

Rick Ward - Master of Ceremonies
Stacy Fischer - Flower Girl
Michael Pradon - Crown Bearer
Dave Sexton and Gary Fernham - Escorts
Pauline Steenwyk - Chairman
Sharon Arnold. - Co-chairman.

Contest was held
Saturday. March 6 at
Hartford High School.  

Miss Hartford 1977
Miss Hartford 1977 - Tamera Hannon
Tamera Hannon

DeAnna Latus, Miss Congeniality, Patty Meachum-2nd Runer-up, Kathy Schaner-1st Runner-up
Katherine Schaner - 1st Runner-up
Patti Jo Meachum - 2nd Runner-up
DeAnna Latus - Miss Congeniality

Other contestants
Sharon Bulton, Anne Bunn, Denise Chernugel,
Toni Culbertson, Kelly Empson, Maria Garcia,
Cindy Leonard, Robin Mobley, Tina Parker,
Brenda Phillips, Shelly Seddon, Laurie Smith,
Gaye VanDenHombergh, Maryann Van Lierop,
Joyce Weber, Denise Wehmeier

Contest held
Saturday, February 19, 1977
in the High School Auditorium

Estimated 560 attendance

20 contestants

Contest Theme

What Are Little Girls Made of?

Rick Ward, Master of Ceremonies

Larry Blyly, Organist
Billy Taylor, Mark Thornhill - Vocal-Guitar songs
Lynnette Dixon, Flower Girl
Jerry Collins, Crown Bearer
Sharon Arnold,  Co-Chairman
Jack Wilkens, Co-Chairman

Hartford Blossomtime Float won 2nd Place, Sweepstakes Award
Miss Hartford 1978

Karen Carmichael

Linda Anchor - 1st Runner-up
Leanne Roper - 2nd Runner-up

1978 Mis Congeniality - Sherry Hannon
Sherry Hannon - Miss Congeniality

Other contestants
Wendy Black, Judy Bogart, Dixie Bower,
Sharon Brewer, Evelyn Brodock, Debbie Danneffel, Neva Galati, Ann Kolberg, Theresa Kroboth,
Stacy LaVanway, Sandy Musick, Diane Rose, Susan Rose, Julee Schultz, Lorie Sias,
Judy Vann, Tammy Vliek

21 contestants

Contest held Saturday, February 18, 1978
in the Hartford High School Auditorium.

Capacity audience of 600.

Rick Ward, Master of Ceremonies

Contest Theme
Holidays in Dixie

Larry Blyly, Organist

Entertainment by
Barbara Crandall
Jack Rose Family
Patti Meachum
Kathy Kadulski-Miss Kathy School of Dance

Petey Vassar, Crown Bearer
Katherine Wilkens, Flower Girl
Richard Demske, David Miller - Escorts

Hartford Blossomtime Co-Chairmen
Betty Houart
Pauline Steenwyk

Daughter of
Kenneth and Shirlene Carmichael

Miss Hartford 1979
Miss Hartford 1979 - Latus, Joleen

Joan Eileen (Joleen) Latus

Michelle Scaletta - 1st Runner-up
Sherry Lowe - 2nd Runner-up
Kathy Davis - Miss Congeniality


Daughter of
Leo (Bud) and Lois Latus


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Information for this web site was gathered from personal interviews, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, personal photo albums, and other documented materials - many available to the public at the Hartford Public Library or Van Buren County Historical Museum.  Please report any typographical errors, updated information, or incorrectly stated information to the webmaster for correction.  Reprinting for personal and instructional purposes is permitted, however, unauthorized commercial reprinting of this information or unauthorized linking to photos-pictures on this site is strictly prohibited without written permission from the webmaster. 

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