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         Hartford Queens 1990 - 1999
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If anyone has an original or better photos, please
email the webmaster.

Miss Hartford 1990
Sandra Kay Clark - Miss Hartford 1990 - Hartford Michigan
Sandra Kay Clark

Melissa Wade - 1st Runner-up
Nicole Cross - 2nd Runner-up
Karen Bedwell - Miss Congeniality
Laura Pool - Miss Congeniality

Rick Ward - Emcee
Miss Hartford 1991
Miss Hartford 1991 - Diana Colegio
Diana Colegio

Nichole Cross - 1st Runner-up
Mendy Roberts - 2nd Runner-up
Angela Morsaw - Miss Congeniality

Other Contestants
Telisa Barrett, Holly Downey, Rebecca Hadley,
Kelly Lynn Weldy, Teresa Wells.

9 Contestants

Contest Theme
Beach Party

Master of Ceremonies
Rick Ward

Pageant  Chairmen
George and Pauline Pipkins

Contest held in the High School Auditorium
on Sunday afternoon.

Daughter of
Mike & Esther Colegio

Miss Hartford 1992
Miss Hartford 1992 - Karla Barrett

Karla Barrett

Rachelle Snyder - 1st Runner-up
Stacy Roush - 2nd Runner-up
Dyana Howard - Miss Congeniality

Other contestants
Aaron Bachman, Suzy Brinsfield, Jessica Brown, Holly Downey, Jessica Fuller,  Jessica Melville,
Nina Moats, Stephanie Pradon

12 Contestants

Rick Ward, Master of Ceremonies

Daughter of
James and Brenda Barrett
Miss Hartford 1993
Miss Hartford 1993 - Elizabeth Voogd
Elizabeth Voogd

1st Runner-up -
Kerry Criswell - 2nd Runner-up
Stacey Vawter - Miss Congeniality

Elizabeth was elected Miss Congeniality
for the Miss Blossomtime pageant.

Daughter of
Terry & Carolyn Voogd
Miss Hartford 1994
Miss Hartford 1994 - Allison Frick
Allison Frick

Katie Busch - 1st Runner-up
Nicole Tallman - 2nd Runner-up
Cindy Owens - Miss Congeniality

Allison was selected Miss Congeniality
for the Miss Blossomtime pageant.

12 Contestants
Kristen Banic, Amy Brinsfield, Angie Clark,
Sonja Cook, Sarah Hadley, Amy Jackson,
Joanie Milnickel, Jennifer Montgomery
Melissa vanLandingham

Rick Ward - Master of Ceremonies

Escorts - Kurt Kuehnle and Steve Ackerman

Ben Chambers with a group called Ben's Mens

Contest Theme
Fountain of Youth

Miss Hartford 1995
Miss Hartford 1995 - Betsy Smith
Betsy Smith

Tracy Lynn Stanfill - 1st Runner-up
Yolanda DeLaRosa - 2nd Runner-up
Tammy Janette Weston - Miss Congeniality

12 Contestants
Shannon Barker, Cindee Hafer, Jill Jonatzke, Kristen Kelley, Mindy Mach, Jessica Morsaw, Jessica Rice, Felipa Sandoval

Rick Ward - Master of Ceremonies

Escorts - Bryant Baham, Monroe Littlefield

Cathy and Ruth Morsaw - Co-Chairmen

Contest Theme
The Heart of Hartford

Miss Hartford 1996
Vanessa Sells - Miss Hartford 1996 - Hartford MI
Vanessa Sells

1996 Miss Hartford, Vanessa Sells and court

L-R Jenny Moore - Miss Congeniality, Vanessa Sells - Miss Hartford,
Sabrina Snodgrass - 1st Runner-up, Delilah Mireles - 2nd Runner-up

Other Contestants
Shannon Barker, Natasha Dill, Holly Drake, Joey Hotovy, Jennifer Jaggers, Jolynn Johnson, Jackie Kendzior, Dawn Ross, Jessica  Thomas, Angela Sandoval, Jennifer Sink, Jody Sink, Shelley Staunton

17 contestants

Contest Theme
Making Memories

Contest held February 11, 1996

Rick Ward - Master of Ceremonies, with M.C. Betsy Voogd
Amanda Schuld - Entertainment

Bryant Baham and Monroe Littlefield

Selected Most Photogenic in Miss Blossomtime Pageant

Daughter of
Gordon "Lewie" and Kathy Sells
Howard and Brenda Parker
Miss Hartford 1997

Tiffany McFadden

L-R Natalie Hopson - Miss Congeniality, Cammy Littlefield - 1st Runner-up
Tiffany McFadden - Miss Hartford, Ami Asaro - 2nd Runner-up

Other Contestants
Bonnie Gatchell, April Granke, Laura Kelly, Melissa Lowe,
Rachel Perez, Heather Thames, Heather White
Miss Hartford 1998
Miss Hartford 1998 - Kristin Kays

Kristin Kays

Angela Guinta - 1st Runner-up
Sara Foster - 2nd Runner-up
Vanessa Yankovich - Miss Congeniality

Rick Ward - Emcee

Other Contestants
Rachel Birmele, Shylah Fields, Melissa Michael, Jeanie O'Neal, Tabitha Raymond,
Sonia Sandoval, Krissy Sexton, Jenny Strand, Mandy Yarbrough

13 contestants

Contest Theme
A Tribute to the King

Tony Jacobs and Jose Castro

Kristin won the Modeling and Photogenic Awards in the Miss Blossomtime contest. She was the only contestant to win two events.

Kristin was also a finalist in the
Miss Michigan USA 2002 pageant
Miss Lake Michigan USA 2000 - 1st Runner-up.

Daughter of
Bill & Holly Kays
Miss Hartford 1999
Miss Hartford 1999 - Amber Williams
Amber Williams


Christine Johnson - 1st Runner-up
Jessica Patton - 2nd Runner-up
Jessica O'Neal - Miss Congeniality

Other contestants
Sarah Harmon, Amy Brown,
Jessica Munson, Jennifer Pruiett,
 Erin Jacobs, Alisha Whitaker

Rick Ward - Emcee

9 contestants

Mr. Hartford Representatives:
Ricardo Troutman, Gary Walker

Daughter of
Ferrin and Mary Williams


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Information for this web site was gathered from personal interviews, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, personal photo albums, and other documented materials - many available to the public at the Hartford Public Library or Van Buren County Historical Museum.  Please report any typographical errors, updated information, or incorrectly stated information to the webmaster for correction.  Reprinting for personal and instructional purposes is permitted, however, unauthorized commercial reprinting of this information or unauthorized linking to photos-pictures on this site is strictly prohibited without written permission from the webmaster. 

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