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    Hartford Queens 2000 - 2009
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If anyone has an original or better photos, please email the webmaster.

Miss Hartford 2000
Miss Hartford 2000 - Mary Elizabeth DeneauMary Elizabeth Deneau




  Lisa Williams - 1st Runner-up
  Andrea Lynn Brooks - 2nd Runner-up
 Magdalena Garza - Miss Congeniality
Rachel Lynn Snodgrass
- Miss  Congeniality

Rick Ward - Emcee

15 contestants

 Miss Hartford 2001

Other Contestants
Janice Glover, Anna Marie MacMillan,
Rachel Nicle Paxson, Kristin Nichole Stewart, Michelle Szakal

9 contestants

Rick Ward - Emcee
Kristin Kays - MC Assistant
Scott Nykamp, Neil McFadden - Escorts
Brooke Edmonds - Flower Girl (Strawberry Princess)
Dustin Loomis - Crown Bearer (Strawberry Prince)

Cathy Morsaw - Chairperson

Contest Theme
Let's Communicate

Contest held on Sunday, January 21, 2001
3:00 p.m. in the Hartford High School Auditorium

 Emily Newnum

Court L-R
Jenifer Nyhuis - First Runner-up
Emily Newnum - Miss Hartford
 Janell Birmele - Second Runner-up
Tiffany Perry - Miss Congeniality

Click here to view the 2001 Hartford Blossomtime Float

Miss Hartford 2002 Miss Hartford 2003
Melissa Zimmerman - Miss Hartford 2002
Melissa Zimmerman

First Runner-up - Stacy Marie Raines
Second Runner-up - Monica Cisneros
Miss Congeniality - Monica Cisneros

Rick Ward - Emcee

Other contestants:
Lexis Boothby-Shoemaker, Cody Brewer,
Julia Diaz, Allyse Foster, Leonora Mireles, Aimee Cornell, 
Lindsay Smith, and Kelley Rach.

10 contestants

Master of Ceremonies
Rick Ward
MC Assistant
Kristin Kays

Randy Harmon, Matthew Olds

Cathy Morsaw

Yolanda DeLaRosa

Contest Theme
The Land of Fruitopia

Contest held
Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 3:00 p.m.
in the Hartford High School Auditorium.
Julie Ann Liebenthal - Miss Hartford 2003
Julie Ann Liebenthal

Rebecca Rae Paxson
Lauren Elizabeth Khan
Ashley LeAnn Olsen - Miss Congeniality

Rick Ward - Emcee
Kristen Kays - Mistress of Ceremonies
Cathy Morsaw - Chairperson

10 contestants
600 attendance
Miss Hartford 2004 Miss Hartford 2005
2004 Miss Hartford - Larissa Friday
Larissa Anne Friday

First Runner-up - Amanda Smith
Second Runner-up - Page Annon
Miss Congeniality - Rachelle Broadhurst

Rick Ward - Emcee (20th year)
Kristen Kays - Mistress of Ceremonies
Cathy Morsaw - Chairperson

Other contestants were Rhonda Purcell, Cynthia Hernandez, Jessica Bohle, Jennifer Roberts, Nicole Harris, Ashley Spangler, Brandi Spangler, Melissa Walker, Stephanie Williams, Sara Stout, Pamela Drane, Courtney Shafer, and Cassandra Rowe.

15 contestants
600 attendance

Click here to view the
2004 Hartford Blossomtime Float
Venessa Garcia - Miss Hartford 2005
Venessa Ann Garcia

First Runner-up - Kacey Darling
Second Runner-up - Kimberly Smith
Miss Congeniality - Amber Manning

Other contestants were
Lindsey Andersen, Jenifer Arthur,
Marie Gallardo,
Sunny Fairbanks,
Stephanie Hallgren, Amy Holland,
Priscilla Mireles, Jackie Stockton,
Karina Vazquez, Moriah Hathaway Casey.

14 contestants
600 capacity attendance

Rick Ward - Emcee
Kristen Kays - Mistress of Ceremonies
Cathy Morsaw - Chairperson

Photo submitted by Doug Swift Photography.
Miss Hartford 2006
Miss Hartford 2006 - Emily Foster
Emily Ann Foster


First Runner-up - Bethany Lynn Smith
Second Runner-up - Stefany Kay Foster

Miss Congeniality
Christina Diane Hurrell-Melton

Other Contestants:
Yolanda Cornejo, Sarah Fuller, Erika Gulliver, Heather Hill, Tifany Holcomb, Kayla Johnson, Kaitlyn Lange, Britney Lynch, Ashley Mix,
Kari Morse, Candace Watson.

Contest Theme
Let's Celebrate

15 contestants
600 capacity attendance

Rick Ward - Emcee
Kristen Kays - Mistress of Ceremonies
Cathy Morsaw - Chairperson

1st Runner-up to Miss Blossomtime 2006
2006 Hartford Royalty and Court - Hartford Michigan

Front Row L-R
Second Runner-up - Eloy Hernandez, Mr. Hartford - Craig Baham, Miss Hartford - Emily Foster, First Runner-up - Wayne Baskin

Back Row L-R
Second Runner-up - Stefany Kay Foster, Mr. Nice Guy - John Light, First Runner-up - Bethany Lynn Smith, Miss Congeniality, Christina Diane Hurrell-Melton

Click here to view the 2006 Hartford Blossomtime Float

Miss Hartford 2007 - Scholarship

Other Contestants:

Susan Fisher, Danielle Kroboth,
Megan Layer, Jessica Martinez,
Kristin Rittase, Sarah Rohloff,
Margaret Stockton, Katie Stout,
Laura Zimmerman.

Contest Theme
Pathways to the Future

12 contestants
600 capacity attendance

Rick Ward - Host
Larissa Friday - Hostess

Robin Najacht and Cathy Morsaw 

Contest held in the
Hartford High School Auditorium
Saturday, February 11, 2007

First year for Miss Hartford - Scholarship.

Photo submitted by Doug Swift Photography.

2007 Miss Hartford Scholarship - Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez


First Runner-up - Megan Layer
Second Runner-up - Katie Jonatzke

Miss Congeniality - Nicole Jobe

Miss Hartford 2007 - Blossomtime
First Runner-up - Rebecca Saldana
Second Runner-up - Amanda Tate

Miss Congeniality - Amanda Tate

Other Contestants:
Nicole Jobe, Katie Jonatzke, Megan Layer, Jessica Martinez, Jessica McDonald,
Ashley Mitchell, Kristin Rittase, Katie Stout, Krystin Weberg, and Laura Zimmerman

Contest Theme
New Orleans Travels Through Hartford

13 contestants
600 capacity attendance

Amanda Morlock - Host
Heidi Knight and Jenni Kiefer - Chairpersons

Contest held in the
Hartford High School Auditorium
Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daughter of
Steve and Denise Sells

2007 Miss Hartford - Lindsey Sells

Lindsey Sells

2nd runner-up to Miss Blossomtime 2007
2007 Miss Hartford and Court
L-R   Rebecca Saldana, Miss Hartford - Lindsey Sells, Amanda Tate

Click here to view the
2007 Hartford Community - Blossomtime Float

Miss Hartford 2008 - Scholarship

Other Contestants:

Melissa Isbrecht, Fayth Boles
Kayla Johnson, Kelsey Prediger,
Vanessa Benavides, Brenda Tule

Contest Theme

10 contestants

Rick Ward - Host
Larissa Friday - Hostess

Robin Najacht and Cathy Morsaw

Contest held in the
Hartford High School Auditorium
Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kate Morgan Nelson

Daughter of
Barry & Carol Nelson


First Runner-up - Alexandra Prediger
Second Runner-up - Melanie Bess

Miss Congeniality - Angie Summerhill
Miss Hartford Scholarship - Kate Nelson


Click here to view the
2008 Hartford Community - Blossomtime Float

Miss Hartford 2008 - Blossomtime

Miss Hartford Blossomtime - Patricia Hoeckelberg
Patricia Hockelberg

Daughter of
Bernhard & Jean Hoeckelberg

First Runner-up - Amanda Kowerduck
Second Runner-up - Jessica Richcreek

Miss Congeniality - Bertha Martinez

Other Contestants:
 Vanessa Benavides, Yesenia Benavides,
Kathryn Curry, Melissa Isbrecht,
Bethany Ledesma,  Kristina Lopez

Contest Theme
Jamaican Paradise

10 Contestants

David Mayne & Emily Foster - Host
Heidi Knight and Jenni Kiefer - Chairpersons

Contest held in the
Hartford High School Auditorium
Sunday, January 13, 2007
Miss Hartford 2009
Finalist - Natasha Madison
First Runner-up - Emily Warrens
Second Runner-up - Alicia Johnson

Miss Congeniality - Alicia Johnson
Finalist - Alisha Wismer
5 Contestants
2009 Miss Hartford and Court

Contest Theme

Lindsey Sells & Emily Foster - Host
Heidi Knight and Jenni Kiefer - Chairpersons
Hannah Chernugel - Miss Hartford 2009 - Hartford Michigan
Hannah Chernugel

Daughter of
Mollie and Russ Chernugel

Contest held in the
Hartford High School Auditorium
Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photography by
Lee Browndorf

Hanna's mother, Mollie Granke, was Miss Hartford 1983. Her grandmother, Sandra Pratt, was Miss Baroda 1961.

Miss Heart of Blossomtime 2009 Miss Bangor Blossomtime 2009

2009 Miss Heart of Blossomtime - Emily Winkel
Emily Winkel

Daughter of
Kevin & Roxanne Winkel

First Runner-up - Samantha Wilson, Marcellus
Second Runner-up Greta Taylor, Lawrence
Miss Congeniality - Greta Taylor, Lawrence

7 Contestants

Contest held
Sunday - November 23, 2008
Dowagiac Performing Arts Center
Dowagiac MI

Contest Theme
Phantom of the Opera

Emily is a Junior at Hartford High School
and resides in Lawrence MI


Lindsey Drake - 2009 Miss Bangor Blossomtime
Lindsey Drake

Lindsey is a Senior at Hartford High School.

Daughter of
Jerry and Germaine Drake



Note:  Hartford students captured 3 Blossomtime crowns for 2009 - possibly, the first time ever.
Mr. Hartford selected as 2nd runner up to Mr. Blossomtime.
Proving that Hartford students are among the best!
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Information for this web site was gathered from personal interviews, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, personal photo albums, and other documented materials - many available to the public at the Hartford Public Library or Van Buren County Historical Museum.  Please report any typographical errors, updated information, or incorrectly stated information to the webmaster for correction.  Reprinting for personal and instructional purposes is permitted, however, unauthorized commercial reprinting of this information or unauthorized linking to photos-pictures on this site is strictly prohibited without written permission from the webmaster. 

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